Your comments on Prada Vit Daino Basic Tote, PLS

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  1. Hey, I saw four colors at Saks in New York last week. They're all lovely, red, green, blue and purple. The sales told me $1950, but it's $1090sth. on the websites. Not sure whether they're different dimensions or what. Gals, how do you like this tote, which color will you pick up? I have enough black and brown bags, looking for some colors!!
  2. It'll help if you could post a picture or a link.
  3. i got mine at barneys and the color is coral. it's really more like a salmon.
    for this particular color only barneys has it but it came in black, brown, purple, red, white, yellow/ mustard and ombre.

    i think it is a very good priced bag at 1095 for leather bag. it so basic yet very very useful . it is currently my all around bag. it big enough to lug my gym clothes. my laptop fits in it too.

    i sometimes put around my arms and sometimes i use the detachable strap that came with it and use it as messenger bag.

    i love mine. let us know what you decide.
  4. i got this picture at the NM website. i think the official color for this one is peonia.[​IMG]
  5. Thank you so much for posting the photo. It's exactly the bag I saw. I am kind of thinking a red or green. I haven't seen the coral yet. Is it new for fall 2008?
  6. [​IMG]
    I am not sure if it new for fall 08 but yeah it was included with the new fall 2008 line up.

    This is the coral, check it out at the as far as i know they are the only one with this color. the color is orange based but a little bit lighter in picture. Its really more like a salmon color
  7. I just checked with my Saks SA Jayne and she confirmed that it's $1,095 but there are very few left.
  8. I saw all 4 colors at nm in natick. I called my SA Esther and she also cofirmed the $1095 price. That's an incredible price!