Your Collection Question....

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  1. I sound like a broken record but I do collect LV and I do use LV too! The Innsbruck is so delicate in my mind that I dont want to use it but I am extremely satisfied with it just being a part of my collection. The time will come for you to use your special bag!
  2. ^^^ Thanks! My new saying (in all aspects of my life besides LV) is: TIME WILL TELL THE TALE...

    i love that.
  3. I don't use my cles'. I just stare at them. They are so cute & pretty & I see what happens when they get banged around. I just recently started collecting but I'm in love!

    Also my vernis doesn't come out a lot because of the whole color transfer thing... but I use 90% of my stuff.
  4. i just want one of everything that is not hella popular. except my speedy. have to have one of those.
  5. it could be because i only have a relatively small collection but i make sure all my bags are used on a regular basis. maybe when my collection gets bigger with some limited items- then i'd be able to just "keep" some of them and not use them.
  6. I only have a small LV collection, I love to use all of them. I haven't used my Beverly MM yet (I got her last night, she is still in her plastics). Life is too short and I reckon it's a waste just to look at the beautiful LV when you can use them and enjoy them. Bags are meant to be used not just to look at.;)
  7. I use all my bags. One day, I want to get more LE items but they will definitely get used. Otherwise, I would feel guilty.
  8. i collect the inclusion hair cubes. i hardly ever use them, though. :shame:
  9. i remember when you had to pack it all up last year, we were all so worried about you! What a horrible burden to... you life or your lv>>> well, maybe not that bad, but they are babies depending on I grew up in new orleans and understand hurricanes.. missed catrina but the rest of my families are refugees because of it and don't even know where they are.. good luck. I would be nice if you could ship them all to the desert or a Vuitton holding boutique like storing furs, when hurricane seasons comes around, hey! I mmight have just thought of a good business...It could work and would be all about the insurance and dealing with that in catastrophes...hmmm