Your Collection Question....

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  1. I can see vernis pieces being collector pieces - they just seem so precious.:tender:

    I don't own any bags that are as fragile as vernis, etc., so I use all of the bags I own.
  2. I try to use everything but I have too much stuff to use. recently I have been making more of an effort to rotate my bags more often than before. I don't buy things as collectors items. I am, however, trying to collect more pieces and have more variety.
  3. I use all of my bags
  4. I wont be a collector now but in future i won't know??????
  5. I always buy for use.
  6. I like to use ALL of my bags and accs, i don't think it's any fun to keep things away, and i never intend on selling anything so it doesn't really matter if they get a bit grubby, and we spend good money on LE pieces, why not put them to good use?
  7. Thanks for all your responses, really a big help! I always rotate my bags, but have been considering a collection of Spring Street lining the top shelves of my closet, and how cool would that be? Since they are now non-replaceable, I'd have to think long and hard about using them... But, in the end I love the attention to! heehee, go ahead stare at me, see if I thanks again for all your comments, most helpful.
  8. I only have a tiny collection so i use all my pieces, I was babying my neo fushia soo much and wouldnt take it out of the house until my Ma got mad with me! "Why do you buy these lovely bags and not use them? If you dont use them you should sell them etc etc!" And then I thought yep shes right! I do think even if I managed to get a oskar or mizi vienna I would use it, seems a shame not to!
  9. my cerises keepall still has original LV plastic on the feet and handels. Its been sitting in its box since leaving LV.
  10. I am a user. I don't think I have enough to start buying bags without using them. lol
  11. I used to buy to collect....sold all of my collection....moved on to other designers. I'm back into LV again, but now I only buy what I'm going to use.
  12. I am definitely a collector but I use all my bags. I want ALL the epi colors, All!!!!
  13. Nope...I use ALL my bags. Some less than others but still. I do not collect stuff to just look that case I'd collect Lladro or something like that...LOL
  14. ^^ Grrl, I like your hard core purse addiction and attitude to boot! We gotsta use our purses... Here's to using Spring Streets, et al and getting them face lifts when they need it...That's what I really love about LV. You can take them in and get them a little nip and tuck...hehe
  15. I don't collect - I buy to wear :P. Bags are like clothes to me, and shoes as well. I need to have a matching bag to match each outfit - I never want to be in the situation where I have an outfit and no bag that perfectly suits that particular outfit ;)