Your Collection Question....

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  1. ^^^ Thanks Matt, maybe that's how I feel about my new SS too! Piece of art, but the time will come to use her one day, a very special day that will be....
  2. When it comes to purses, I would never buy anything just to keep and not use....maybe other things from LV but not bags...

    For me, I buy LV bags b/c it is the easiest to use and it can take the usage well....Im not really into bags for fashion sakes so maybe thats why, Its jewlery that I use as fashion accents instead....
  3. :yes:I agree too.
  4. I try to use all my bags atleast once. There are a few that have only come out for pictures. Hmm, I may need to take these babies out soon.
  5. I did buy to collect...and then it killed me to just have them I sold most of them off and bought higher $$ bags that I will use!!!
    My personality has never been to collect things....I can't stand I've got to use them!

    shoot...I haven't use my mono speedy in forever...and I'm probably going to sell it!
  6. I am a user. I had the pomme lexington but it could not fit what I wanted so I returned it. When I get my next pomme item, it will be a piece that I can use.
  7. i get my bags to use >< some i may neglect for about half a year... but when i get them i intentionally want to use them
  8. I use the bags that I purchase. I am not a collector.
  9. Lol nope, I use everything. Sure, I buy some things I like that are collectible (i.e. CB) but I don't store them away.
  10. I have this too! No use whatsoever. What a waste. lol
  11. I am extremely frugal, so no "collection" issue :blush:
  12. I feel so guilty about not using my Panda coin purse as much as I should be:shame:
  13. Nopes, I never collect them for storage :smile:. I muuuuust carry my new bags the first opportunity I get, I just love the compliments/looks on them. Who's gonna see my bags in my closet? lol
    ...yeah, I like that kind of attention...

    I've already been carrying my Gold Street PM everyday for the last 4 days.
    And strangely I have enough beige coloured outfits to go with it...maybe it's time to look more at my wardrobe than bags, lol.
  14. I have to use what I buy; I'd feel so guilty otherwise!
    Plus it makes me feel good, you know?
  15. I have to agree totally with lvbabydoll, I love LE items they are my favorite a lot of the time, but I always use them, they are too pretty not too!