Your Collection Question....

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  1. That's supposed to be "your" typo...oops.

    Are there pieces in your collection that are strictly collectibles and that you don't use at all? I have always been a strong advocate (only been collecting for a year.. lol..) of using ALL my bags. But, lately, I'm considering really being a collector in certain areas, like with a certain bag style or trying to collect vernis colors and having examples that might not be used. This is so against my LV philosophy, but I might be heading in this direction.

    Are there special pieces that you all keep as collection and not use? If so, if you'd like to share, I'd love to know:smile:.

    I want a collection of Spring streets, Bedfords, and to begin all colors of vernis.
  2. I use all my bags, and most probably will do so in the future. Like you, my goal is to collect all the vernis colours in the Bedford style (although have been very side-tracked!) but for the purpose of having a bag to go with every outfit in my wardrobe - so they will definitely be used!

    Nothing wrong with just collecting bags, or anything for that matter. The satisfaction of admiring your collection every now and then is enough to justify the price :yes:
  3. i had my closet open while folding laundry just now.....thinking.....what should i do with those NEW stuff that are still in the my ceriese and cherry blossom stuff or some discontinued stuff which hasn't seen the day light for the longest time..... i hardly take them out to just look at --- since my daughter was born, i hardly have time to relax and play with my LE stuff!! lol

    specially where i live, hurricane season is coming up and what if we have to evacuate again --- such a pain to worry about it and pack them up.....shall i down size myself and not get into LE stuff....?!

    thank you for asking this question, i wanna know too!!!
  4. The heart purse because it has no use what so ever, but it's very pretty. ^_^
  5. Personally, I think purses are meant to be used.. I'm just not that into collecting, so much as using. :yes:
  6. some of my stuff stay in storage for most of the time. but i make it a rule to at use all of them at least once every two months. even just for a day. so i can give it a bit of attention and get reaquainted with it. sometimes i end up using it more often because of that.
  7. I consider myself a collector. And buy whatever I like at the time. But I like to use everything I have.
  8. right on, cheers to another vernis collector!:yes:
  9. My Multicolor Fleur Brooch. I've never used it and truly bought it as a collectible piece.

  10. I hear you loud and clear. I worry about someone breaking in and losing my collection, and, some can't be replaced... so, I wonder if I should keep investing money in this direction... I do enjoy and love every piece I have so far, but just got a gorgeous mint lavender SS and I just can't use it. I've never felt like this before, but it's way too beautiful to touch...:drool::crybaby:
  11. Nice! I've seen these not IRl, and think they are too fabulous! Good to drool over... but not on...;)
  12. i think i would feel bad if i dont use the stuff that i have already bought, that's why i only buy things that i know i will use a lot, and not get the same style more than one. being a guy makes things simpler as there are not as much as stuff to buy.. hahaha...
  13. Thanks! It's made of a coated silk. I find myself starring at it all the time.:drool:
  14. ^^^ well, I think some guys around here would argue that with but you seem like a simple earthy guy, so yeah. you're lucky, heehee
  15. Well I have 4 bags that are a tad bigger/ more luggagy (3 keepalls and a Taiga Ivan) I did use the Ivan with school since its more structured looking and not so much like a duffle, but it kind of big to use on a daily use. Those 4 really sit until something comes up, so they are collectors pieces in my mind but I have 2 bags (pionnier and sac squash) I would use almost DAILY!!!! and now my new Innsbruck cabas is in my mind a true piece of art and when the time comes to use it, I will, otherwise, I am happy with it just being in my collection lol