Your collection: A mix of high/low or all high?

  1. Just curious....your shoe collection....would you say you are all high-end shoes....or do you mix it up a little? Are you more high-end with a couple mid-low....or the opposite...or a good balance?
  2. I have mostly mid range shoes with a few high end ones and a few low end. I no longer buy low end shoes because the craftmanship is absolutely terrible. I may not be able to buy Manolo Blahnik's all the time but I can buy something in between.

  3. All my shoes cost between $100-$200, does that make it mid or low end?
  4. i`ve always been mad about shoes but used to go for low/mid 70€ - 120 € ...but since i got my first designer pair not so long ago i just dont go to other shoe shops anymore ! i prefer having one pair instead of 3-4, but a designer one - one of the reasons - not to wear something every second person in town does:smile: the only non designer shoes i would still buy are cowboy boots that i love but the ones i like cost me about 250 € anyway ...all in all soon i will have to move to air and water diet if i want to keep spending like that ! ;)
  5. I have a heavy mix of high(everyday shoes) and low(skip around the house/yard). I don't have too many mid range but then again what is considered mid range:confused1:
  6. I have everything from Converse and Reef to Prada, Louboutin and Manolo. I like a good mix, and buy whatever catches my eye, whether it be high end or low end.
  7. I have a little bit of everything. Majority though is high end.
  8. I have a mix of low and middle only 3 pairs of high end so far... but I'm working on it. :smile:
  9. Mostly high end - however, high end ON THE CHEAP, whenever possible! In other words, I keep my eyes peeled for great eBay deals (my record is $149.99 for a *brand new* unworn pair of Manolo Oldcas - currently still for sale on for $565, I believe), or sales. My Linas were $350 "all in" (including shipping) - new and unworn. My gold orsays, $150 + shipping new and unworn...

    You can do high end style on a low(er) end budget, which makes it easier to justify splurging at full retail.

    I. LOVE. eBay.
  10. All high-end. I love lovely shoes
  11. Mix, although I don't have any truly "cheap" shoes. I don't think there is a shoe in my closet that is less than $120 or so. Some people may consider that high end, but Im assuming you mean designer ($400+ range) and so I do have a mix of those.
  12. I would say most of mine are mid-range with a few high and low. The last pair of shoes I bought were $16 Sam and Libby (on sale). The pair before that were Louboutins for $700. Most are around the $100-$200 range though.
  13. i have a big mix!!!! i love reef sandals, coach shoes, have some LV, and a few from other designers that i get from a boutique near my house.
  14. Most of my shoes are mid range like bebe, guess, BCBG, Steve Madden, Aldo to name a few. I usually sped an average of $100 more or less. I have a couple high end brands Chanel(2) CL(1) Gucci(1) that my fiance bought me. I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom of 2 so i don't have much of an income.
  15. That's me. I'm looking @ stitching, soles, and arches. I don't care WHO they're made by. They better be good quality.