Your Coach or Your Back? Do We Have to Choose?

  1. Many of us grumble about back problems while carrying a big bag. I LOOOVE a big bag; I might even be addicted to them, and with three kids plus work goodies, my bags are stuffed fuller than a Vermont Teddy Bear.

    Still, my ongoing back issues can be a bummer, and it turns out that the 'big bag addiction' really contributes to this. I won't give up my bags but I'm learning how to carry less at different times and am even searching for a smaller alternative for the fall.

    I know it can be hard when we're trying to make one bag double as a briefcase or diaper bag. Sometimes I just get worn out by lugging around all that stuff!

    I found a great article about this in September's Real Simple Magazine. The article is called "Excess Baggage" at

    What about you? Do you carry too much stuff? :p
  2. Criminey, have you seen how ginormous the bags are for fall?! The September Vogue (doorstop LOL) arrived yesterday and I cannot believe the size of the bags in the ads. :wtf:
  3. I used to travel alot for business and carried a heavy briefcase, a laptop and a carryone. Never again. Even if I do carry a big bag, I never fill it up. I have a weight limit cause it really screwed up my neck.
  4. I know exactly what you mean! I love to SEE all these humongo bags, and I realize that they make great covers, but having to schlep them around in real life is another matter entirely! Isn't that the challenge? How do we mesh what is shown as stylish with what works in everyday lives full of kids, chaos and jobs?

    Maybe that's why we need a big ol' bag--so we can have our 'let's get through this crazy day' toolkit!;)
  5. I'm with bagnshoofetish - I traveled for work and for years carried a too heavy laptop bag and carry-on. Having kids just worsened the shoulder and neck problems. I love the larger bags for the convenience, but since my youngest potty-trained, it's not absolutely necessary to carry the entire house with me anymore.

    I rotate my bags more frequently, carrying the heavier/larger capacity ones only when necessary. And I used to carry a big bag in anticipation of filling it up with the kids' stuff as the day went on. No longer - the kids are limited to one small item they carry themselves when we go out (or carry their own backpack) and I've started packing my baggubag (it's very convenient!) in my purse. If we have to haul stuff, at least it's not all in one bag...I put the extra items/purchased items/light jackets in the baggu. The equal weight distribution helps tremendously!
  6. Audball--what's a baggubag?

    I'm thinking of keeping more things in a separate pouch in my car for those times when I need to take all my kids, etc out.... I know part of it is my 'be prepared girl scout' mentality.... most of the time, though, I don't need 1/2 the stuff I carry...
  7. I actually found out about them on tPF main forum (when speaking about alternatives to plastic bags)! They come in cute colors and fold up thin, thin, thin :tup:!

    ETA: I found that alternating with cross-body and backpacks helps a lot too - I try to rotate every 2-3 days (which is good for my collection too! :smile:).
  8. I'm actually about to have back surgery...herniated disc...ouch!!!

    I am carrying the large Carly and I know it's too heavy for me right now. My husband actually holds it for me when it gets to be too heavy.:p
  9. If you carry a bag on one shoulder, you start favoring that shoulder and tend to pull it forward, it will cause a pain in your lower back, its kind of a crunching pain. If you feel it, pull that shoulder back, you should feel a difference immediately!!
  10. When my back or my shoulder hurt, I just grab a smaller Coach bag with my essentials in it. That way I still have my Coach and help my back.
  11. Thats whats great about the ergo line, big bags, lightweight. I'm finding I need to carry my laptop even more so, and at this point I have no need for a hand bag, since my essentials are comfortable in a wristlet + a water bottle. So now I need ot find a tote of some sort to hoist my laptop too. - I had a bigger one- sony vaio at least 15 inches, but now I think mine is 13. What we do for fashioN!
  12. Oh man, this was my dilemna with the Miranda. I am one of those people that carry one bag that has to do double duty as a purse/work bag (I have a seperate laptop bag that is only used when I need to take my laptop out of the office). I LOVE big bags but I can't sacrifice my body for it and that was my issue with Miranda. I don't have back problems, but wrist issues (carpel tunnel) so a bag as heavy as Miranda wouldn't work.

    I swear she will be the one that got away. :crybaby:
  13. I just refuse to carry big, heavy bags anymore. I've spent too many years with a perpetually sore neck and back! I carry books and papers with me regularly, not to mention a laptop on occasion, and after lugging them around all day my neck just aches. I try to buy the lightest bag possible that will accomodate all of that, and my everyday essential bags are all smaller and lighter than ever before. I used to feel the need to carry a big bag because I'm tall and curvy, in order to be proportionate, but I've given up on that too. I don't carry very small pochettes, but I'm willing to carry light, medium sized bags now.
  14. Well I've been known to carry too much in my bag,

    I was in shoe carnival a couple of years ago and they had a contest the person with the heaviest bag won the prize a discount coupon for todays purchase. I came in at 9 lbs. and I won... It was sunday and I had thrown my scriptures in my bag , not just any old ones it was the combination one with the build in dictionary, topical guide, ect.. that day was a real eye opener for me, ever since then I try to keep them light. and I bought a separate bag that I carry to church..

    Though I still buy bigger bags I don't stuff them any more.
  15. I never carry big bags. I have a small frame and honestly, I think big bags look awful on my type of frame. I don't care if it's in "style" or not, I use small to medium bags.

    Some of these new ones look like they'd be questionable as carry on luggage on a plane! :graucho: