Your Coach New Years Resolution is...

  1. Mine is to get as many Coach Handbags as possible because i only have two at the momentbecause the rest i gave as gifts that i regret.
  2. Too use all my accessories I bought last month! And to chill out on accessories for a small bit. I can't make promises for bags, because I was bit by the balenciaga bug and my purse money will have to go to fund that.
  3. I want a new black siggy bag -- something classic:smile:
  4. ooh and to promise myself i will have NO MORE THAN 30 bags by the end of the year!
  5. ^^^whoa. I'm hoping for like 2 or 3. One I already bought, 2 I am in the process off. And I still need to decide on a bag to transition between school and work.
  6. to only buy bags i LOVE, regardless of price.
  7. Use the ones I have and love, purge (sell) the ones I have and don't love, and no more buying until June (my birthday).
  8. I Resolve To Take Care Of Myself ,so I Can Be Healthy Enough To Enjoy My Bags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sorry aarti i should say only 30 bags.

    Merchandise Total:$1,322.00[​IMG]Gift Box Total:$0.00Estimated Shipping:$8.50(Standard Shipping to a single address)
    [​IMG]Subtotal:$1,330.50(Does not include applicable sales tax)

    ^^^^ is that a bad start
  10. that gives me some ideas...

    (and, hey, at least the shipping is a good deal!)
  11. ugh im so bad and my dad is gonna freak if heever finds the billl
  12. Heehee! This cracks me up!! I feel way better about how my shopping cart looks now! Yep, shipping is quite a deal!
  13. i knoww

    i could get a chanel 4 that...but i love my coach!
  14. Yeah, that. Except for the no buying until June, thing. I'm going to the outlets again sometime in January.
  15. that I'll only go to the outlet once a month. hahaha. :graucho: