Your Coach Collection

  1. Everyone feel welcome to post your collection...I will post mine later today or tomorrow morning. Now, I'll have no choice but to get off my butt & take pics :biggrin: ! I don't have a HUGE collection so please don't laugh..J/K..go ahead. Some of you probably already posted your pic in the collection forum but there are soo many pages & collections to go through.
  2. Yay! This will be a fun thread, I love pictures! I havent posted my bags in the Showcase forum because my collection is just far too small (and not nearly as expensive :shame:smile: compared to everyone elses. I will post pictures soon.
  3. LOL...I love pictures too & I haven't posted b/c all my bags are Coach, no louis vuittons, Chanels, or anything too expensive.
  4. OK, I'm gonna go get my butt up and go do it lol..will post soon! :biggrin:
  5. OK, well, it's not very large, seeing as I started collecting last summer:smile: I have some Dooneys (they were my first love and obsession) but, this is my coach :yes:

    (again, sorry for the bad watermarking!!) (don't mind the bear, he's not coach, but he's cute! lol)

    my moms got some Coach stuff too, like the brown flap I got her, but, I decided to leave her stuff alone...for now :angel:
  6. I :heart: your coach collection digby... you have some really cute pieces!! The gold hamptons hobo is adorable.. I love that line!

    PS - I love your pink Razr!! I was so torn btwn the black and the pink and ended up going with black (and now I'm having second thoughts after seeing yours :lol:).
  7. aww thanks! I just got that gold hobo yesterday and I think I'm gonna have to switch bags to use it tonight when I go out :yes: And to think, I never used to be this crazy about pink :lol:

    I was gonna get the black razr when it first came out, but, heard rumors of a pink one, so, I waited. And waited. And waited! Verizon finally came out with theirs, and then I heard Cingular decided not to! I was so upset. But, then, about 2 weeks later, they did! I was so happy, I almost never see anyone with it, and I love it :love:
  8. [​IMG]



    And the dustbag that I forgot to get out ... :Push: I thought I got everything! The attached ones are from old photos.
    oops1.jpg oops2.jpg blue1.jpg cc6.jpg
  9. Great collection! I love the razr with the charm, so cute!
  10. ^ Coach queen! :lol: Great collection :o)
  11. Great collections, Digby and anotheremptysky! I love your new gold hobo, Digby. It's gorgeous. I'll have to post my pics tonight or tomorrow.
  12. Anotheremptysky !! I love the mini sig azure hobo, and the wave tote.. your collection is massive !

    I used to be more into Coach, but even then I didn't buy so many pieces. Here's a photo of them hanging out with everything and I'm missing my mini sig soho wallet and my initial keyfob.

  13. Don't have much, but here's mine!

  14. anotheremptysky - I LOVE your collection! Esp. the white one in the attatched photos, the one with the heart, thats so adorable!
  15. anotheremptysky that brown satchel in the second picture is too cute! So is that satiny blue satchel in the third attached picture!