Your city's style stereotypes

  1. My city: Chicago

    The 5-years-behind-L.A.-trends girls: Usually 16-21 year old girls who read too many back issues of People magazine. Bounce around in freezing temps wearing miniskirt, leggings and Uggs -- or pants that say JUICY on the ass which was cool on the west coast years ago.

    Power Moms: These are the moms whose husbands are "in finance" and whose kids go to The Latin School. Swaddled in cashmere: I see a ton of cashmere capes on these type of women. Always in high heels, make-up, coiffed hair.

    The Yuppie: She wears pinstripes at a late 9:00 pm dinner in a swanky restaurant because she just got off work thirty minutes ago. She might stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of girls wearing more appropriate going out clothes. This is a work-hard/play-hard city (aren't all cities? except perhaps Washington D.C.?), but sometimes a girl has just got to play in her business clothes.

    Your city's fashion stereotypes? This is all just for fun of course, and no offense meant to anybody!
  2. ^^^ Haha-- I AM your last one.

    I live in New York so I think our style stereotype is pretty well known... very city-slick, a lot of black clothing involved, and oh yeah, it's pretty much true. I do entire loads of black laundry.
  3. ^^^^^I live in NYC, too. I buy black Woolite in bulk.
  4. ^THAT IS TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! I'm a native NYer myself. Born n' bred n' still here cos it's the greatest city in the to London and Paris, etc. Anywho, I agree with you. As a matter of fact, I'm head to toe in black today. Even in the summer, I see a lot of black being worn.
  5. head to toe black here in brooklyn too. coat, shoes, bag, dress, black, black, black, black.
  6. Is there really that much black in New York?

    I guess maybe in midtown? :shrugs: I don't go out during the day that much....

    On the Upper East Side, I see a lot of blondes in tan and off-white cashmere, Tod's loafers, large pearls, and Birkins.

    In Boston, there are the Brahmins who live in Beacon Hill. They are a less glamorous "stealth wealth" version of their UES sisters in quilted jackets, driving shoes, jeans or trousers, and a cashmere turtleneck or twinset.

    There are the international kids who hang out on Newbury Street wearing flashy, flamboyant clothes, some with Italian logos all over. (The exception are the Asians who are more into Dior Homme, skinny tie and all.)

    Harvard ungrads are preppy, one step beyond the high school preppy kids, in their Abercrombie, J Crew, Juicy Couture, etc. and Burberry accessories (like the plaid scarf). But a large majority tend to wear "Harvard" logo clothing mulitple times a week.

    College kids in general wear sweatpants during the day (college logo, Victoria Secret Pink, Juicy Couture) and "clubbing" clothes (some sort of solid color cami or top with designer jeans) at night. They carry faux and real Balenciga, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Everyone shops at Jasmine Sola. (The height of fashion!) I assume this is basically the wardrobe of most college kids....

  7. Seriously, isn't that the uniform of every college kid across the country? That actually sounds like my high school, when my sister was there.... It's really weird that my high school is on par or even more advanced, stylewise, than the average college kid. Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, Uggs, designer jeans of various sorts ... those were all staples in my high school five years ago!
  8. I'm a born and raised Chicagoan and I grew up in Lincoln Park (I'm sure all of you from Chicago are probably gagging right now) so I've seen quite my share of preppy women.

    Around this time of year, I see a ton of cashmere or camel's hair coats and mostly non-descript designer bags (perhaps Mullberry? maybe Tods?). And healed boots, of course. From what I've seen, they seem like they're trying to copy how they think an Upper East-sider dresses (just a guess) :rolleyes:

    Around Michigan Avenue (the main shopping street down here), I see a bunch of different cliches. There are the girls who come down here from the suburbs in mini-skirts, uggs, and Northface jackets who shop at Abercrombie and Fitch, even though they could get the same thing for about 4% less sales tax in the burbs, not to mention the $7 for a cab. Then (more towards the far north part of Michigan around Oak) I see the "old money" who live in the area. I've seen a decent amount of classic Chanel suits and pearl earings and necklaces.
  9. Well, I've lived here for over 8 years and work in midtown; I have lived on the Upper West Side as well as in both the East Village and West Village. And I do see (and wear) a lot of black everywhere.

    That said, I could see how it might be different among the UES posh set.

  10. Fun thread! Someone please do Los Angeles (my hometown)...
  11. The last time I went to NYC I made the huge mistake of not bringing ENOUGH black. I was in a striped sweater and khakis when I first got off the plane. My BF chuckled that everyone probably thought I worked at the Gap. ;)
  12. There are a lot of stereotypes about Seattle...

    ...around here GRUNGE has always been and always will be. Flannel shirts, ripped jeans, doc Martens. You still see it everywhere.

    I think Seattle's come a long way shopping and style-wise (restaurants too!) but there still is a down to earth, naturalness about style. Many people look like they're ready to go hiking at any moment. It's not uncommon seeing attorneys in very expensive suits with a gore-tex windbreaker. You won't see women freaking out about getting their hair wet if it's drizzling. A little wind or rain never hurt anyone.

    Because so many people in the area have moved here from elsewhere, we're seeing a lot more influence from bigger cities. I love it!

    New York Times article about Seattle, c. 2001
    COUNTERINTELLIGENCE; Seattle Style: A Contradiction in Terms? - New York Times
  13. Dallas....(and not to offend all the lovely ladies from the area, as I am myself...) Perfectly coiffed hair, large breasts(are they fake??), designer jeans, and trendy top, designer shoes and bag for sure...all seen exiting a giant SUV with 1-3 children in tow....
    OR...same woman in the latest workout fashions that can be worn all day without looking tacky!!
  14. Vancouver is the west coast casual capital. Everyone wears Goretex jackets like that's the only type of jacket you can buy here. It's a rarity to see someone wearing designer clothes, nice purses or heels higher than 2 inches. The down side is that there isn't much of a selection of high end clothes and bags in town, which is why I'm always buying online, but the up side is that I'm always the best dressed.
  15. Anne!!!
    Aside from the coiffed hair and trendy top, you just described my Dallas self! LMAO!
    I'm 6 out of 8!
    Just traded in my mid sized Lexus SUV for a monster SUV {still a little bitter about that :sad: }