Your Christmas


Mar 15, 2006
So I just wanted to know how you all celebrate Christmas. :smile:

First decorations! Are you going with a certain theme? Or do you have a specific place for every christmas ball on the tree? Do you have decorations that have been passed from generation to generation? Or do you buy new decorations every year? Is it going to be traditional or Modern?

With whom? Family? Friends? Husband? Boyfriend? Alone?

And where? Do you travel somewhere warm or somewhere very cold? Or just hang out at home?

Any traditions you do every year? When do you open the presents etc.

I myself am going to be at home with the family, eat well, play games and open presents. (we usually open them right after dinner on Christmas eve). The dinner is always very traditional, but I went with modern decorations this year; pink, green and electric blue wrapping paper (but with christmassy prints), opulence (huge shine candle sticks, purple cushions etc), and pink tinsel :biggrin:
Well for Christmas, we only have a Christmas tree and have a family dinner, except last Christmas we went to Japan for Christmas. Nothing special, no traditions. Unfortunately, for the past 20 some years of my life, I have never spent a Christmas with a boyfriend. Relationships always start right after Christmas, and end before Christmas. How weird is that??? Maybe next year..haha.
This is our first Christmas with our daughter and since we don't live anywhere near family we have decided to start our own traditions with her. We got a tree, personalised stockings (yes cheesy alllllllllllll the way!!) and will have a Christmas menu for dinner that we plan to repeat every year. We feel so blessed to have her and are living X'mas again through her as she delights in every single thing! Nothing like a child's eyes.
This year Christmas day dinner will be spent at my dad's parents house. My family, most of whom live in the Bay Area will be there, along with my boyfriend for the first time. :shame: I'm excited that we get to spend Christmas Day together. We have a tree set up and a few other decorations around the house. And tomorrow morning (for the fourth year in a row) I'll get on a plane heading for Maui! I can't wait, I really need this vacation. We come back Christmas Eve and if I get in in time, we'll go to Christmas Eve mass followed by opening presents here at home. Hurray!
For decorations, the same as always. I hang all different types of ornaments I have gotten from different places over the years. Spending it with family and distant family. We open presents first thing in the morning and then go to my grandmother's house for dinner. Then we have an additional party with our other family another day.
I'm just not feeling Christmas this year. We put up a tree but our kitten has destroyed it. :crybaby:

Christmas Eve I work until 3pm, then we will be going over to my aunt-in-laws house for a party, Christmas day I work 4 hours and then we'll be going over to a friends house for dinner.

We used to go out driving looking at lights, but my schedule and my Dh's work schedule just don't go well, i work late he works early so we can't go out when i'm off cause he has to get up about 5 hours afterwards.
My DH and I got a real tree this year (yay!) for the first time since we've been married. I have ornaments that have been collected over the years - my mom has bought an ornament for each of her kids since the 70's. I have all of mine on the tree as well as ornaments DH and I have purchased here and there over the past 13 years. I love my tree this year!

The outside of our house is decorated nicely as is most of the houses on our street. Tomorrow we will go watch our nieces and nephews in their annual church Christmas program. Afterwards we will make cookies, fudge and other sweets. On Christmas Eve we travel to my parents for dinner and gifts. Sometime between now and New Years my nieces and nephews will come to my house to spend a the night and go ice skating. DH and I drive around each night looking at lights in different neighborhoods.

Oh - and every year for the past 8 years DH and I have gone to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. We look sooo forward to the concert every year!