Your christmas [read: holiday] wish list...

  1. Only other thread I saw with this topic was in the LV section. Just wondering what is on everyones wish list for their friends, family, SO... DO TELL!
  2. -GHD stlying iron :love:

    -and for my friends and family to be happy.
  3. for me?

    well since every year my aunts give me pantyhose and pajamas for Christmas. I have come to expect that. lol

    but anything anyone gives me I treasure, since I like to spoil myself throughout the year.
  4. - Health
    - Happiness
    - Toshiba Laptop (already here!!)
    - Maybe a sweater & some clothes?? IDK!
  5. My wish is that my dysfuctional family could all get-together and enjoy each other's company, but I know hell will freeze over before that happens. So maybe I should wish that my hubby whisks me away to a lovely sunny place instead.
  6. Honestly, I really don't want anything. It sounds weird, but I just feel like ppl buying gifts for me is not necessary b/c if I need something, I'll buy it. It's gotten to the point where I am not comfortable w/ it- I even told my family this year I didn't know what I wanted and that they didn't need to buy anything...
  7. Well, I already got a few Christmas gifts. A second car and am having my engagement ring re-set so I feel guilty asking for anything else! LOL However, before I got the vehicle I asked for an electric scooter. We are getting my son one and I thought it would be fun for us both to play together!
  8. LV case for iPhone
    CL black and red Architeks
    CL Bourge Zeppa suede boots (won't get much use out of them though..)
    50 billion other pairs of CL's that I :heart:
    A tall, handsome BF :biggrin:
  9. ^ LOL!

    I asked for jewelry, make up, hair products, clothes, gift cards... nothing too exciting :shrugs: ...
  10. Some action.

    But really, I would like an LV multicolore pochette wallet and iTouch. Both of which I'm getting for myself.
  11. A new Camera (mine broke the other day)
    A Christmas Story DVD
    Devil wears Prada DVD I LOVE THIS MOVIE.
  12. i'm like most of you. if i really want something, i probably already have it. however, i do plan on buying myself some new LV goodies (or maybe tech goodies, who knows?) in january. i haven't bought a purse for over a year and a half now. i think i deserve to treat myself to something nice. ^___^

    we don't exchange gifts in my family so the only person i'll really be getting anything from is my bf and i have no clue at all what he could be getting me.

    i'm w/ everyone on health and happiness for my all my loved ones and the enjoyment of each others company during the holidays.