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  1. Dear LV-Fans,

    i am very happy with my handbags from LV, now i am looking for a bigger bag for carry documents for my job.
    I am considering:
    -mono bucket
    -sac plat mono
    -saleya damier mm
    -batignolles vertical

    which one would you choose for me?
  2. sac plat
  3. Damier Saleya MM
  4. I like the Batignolles vertical (but would prefer the Horizontal).
  5. Batnignolles or the Saleya
  6. saleya:heart:
  7. sac plat for papers/books.
  8. For documents ... I'd pick Sac Plat out of all your choices, unless you would consider the Batignolles Horizontal.
  9. I think the sac plat is perfect for papers books and documents.
  10. sac plat
  11. For your needs sac plat
  12. mono bucket