your choice of fur

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  1. Just curious... If you were to choose fur (please don't be mad if you are a PETA member) would you choose from Hermes, Fendi or J.Mendel and why?
    I saw an incredibly luxurious chinchilla coat at Fendi in Florence this month at 42000 euro - Incredible piece but the thought of how many cute chinchillas went into making that coat and the pricce were... a bit too much.:P
  2. I got my first fur coat when I was 21 and have had many over the years. I have finally settled on mink as it is light weight and durable. I have a full length mink and also a 3/4 sheared mink with chinchilla trim. It's also reversible to a rain coat - very versatile and great for travel. It's amazingly light weight, warm and folds up to next to nothing on a plane.

    I avoid luxury brands or luxury stores for fur. There are only a handful of fur manufacturers and they sell to many stores. For instance, one sells to both Macy's and Saks - more expensive at Saks but pretty much the same furs. One pays a BIG premium for that label.

    Chinchilla is a very delicate fur and is not suitabable for everyday wear - it's a special occasion fur. As I wear my furs for WARMTH, it would not be a practical fur for me!
  3. Fendi or Dennis Basso. J Mendel has wonderful deisgns but they are terrible snobs (the current economy should cure them of that--and the customer service is deplorable) Hermes is not a fur specialist. I shop at Hermes for leather and silk because they do it well perhaps better than anyone.
  4. Hmm... Interesting to hear that people at Mendel are "difficult", especially in this economy.
  5. All my furs are G.Teso.
  6. Mendel all the way! If I'd had the money whilst in Paris I would now be the proud owner of a cream mink but even at 50% off 9,000€ is out of my price range
  7. I don't wear it.

    But if I did (which I don't) I would chose J. Mendel. They really do it better than any I've seen.
  8. Gulp - I have 4 mink jackets, one is sheared (bottle green), one is leather/reversible, one is dress (whiskey) and one is white very casual. I also have an electric blue mink and wool coat. With the exception of the dress mink, all of mine are from a high end resale shop. The dress I bought at Saks. I had a 3/4 length but found I didn't wear it often, so I sold it. Now I regret that. (The 3/4 I also bought at Saks)
  9. It's near impossible to find nice furs in this country and if you do then you are looking at $18-$20k
  10. Be sure to check out the fur salon in your local department stores. A store near me was closing its fur salon and everything was marked down 90% off the original price! My BIL got his wife a gorgeous full-length mink coat for a steal!
  11. I have 4 furs: a black full-length Blackglama mink, a 7/8ths Bisang blue iris mink, a stroller length mahogany mink, and a black ruffled sheared mink jacket. Two were purchased from furriers, and two were from a fur salon at a local luxury department store.
  12. Have you ladies ever felt unsafe wearing your furs? Have you been/ are you concerned about being targeted by anti-fur protesters? Just thinking - bad enough if, say, they throw paint at your coat, but if you're carrying one of your treasured Birkins or Kellys at the time...:wtf:
  13. I gotta say... Fendi fur does have amazing quality for a fashion house that is not concentrated on the fur. The problem with a fashion house fur is that it IS for fashion. If you don't mind your fur being OUT of fashion in a few years then yeah, why not.

    Between j Mendel and dennis basso, I actually prefer dennis basso. Personally I think dennis basso has slimer cuts then j Mendel. A lot of dennis bassos' pieces are geared towards the youndet generation. Their signature pattern and bell sleeves, and not to mention their staple princess cut bargazin is honestly fur best quality I have ever seen. And you are talking to a fur-crazed woman LOL. (no offense to anyone!) both have gray quality but a bargazin on Mendel is just not as slimming as basso would have done it. It is weird but that's the way it is to me. So if you want something that makes you look a tad skinniet, basso is the way to go man.
  14. It's called assault - and I would press charges if (hopefully) bystanders would help you tackle the AR domestic terrorists...

    I will not hide from cowards. I am breaking no laws - they are. Hopefully spa and fur cleaning would help :shrugs:
  15. ffunny that you asked, v. I was this close of buying a shearling because of the fur coats I have been wearing. So yes, as of late I have been. I stopped having my son to wear the fur coat I bought him coz I don't want other people t get the wrong idea and cause harm to my son. So nowadays if I am with him, I actually stopped using my bbb as the diaper bag as well. Maybe I am paranoid but I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to my baby. hope for this makes sense......l