Your Chloe MVP?

  1. So I'm curious, which Chloe gets the most time in your bag rotation? Is it because it's your favorite or do you go with what matches your wardrobe the best? Do you carry Chloe bags more or less often than other brands?

    (I searched to see if a topic like this already existed but I didn't see any, sorry if there was one!!)
  2. Love the question!!

    Ok, so here goes:

    Chocolat gets the most time in rotation because it goes best with the majority of my clothes, as well as having the advantage of being dark so I am less concerned about spills, etc. It also has the softest, butteriest leather of all. :love:

    Blanc gets used second most (LOL) because I love her best :heart:. She is really the most eye catching with really pebbly leather. She also goes with a lot of stuff but I am always worried about who will be around while I have her out (ie girlfriends that don't care about bags, etc).

    Mousse is always vying for attention even tho she is so lovely. She tends to be very outfit specific. But she is my good-luck house hunting bag cause of the Bouvier that bit her!! :roflmfao:

    Taupe tote is going to be a BIG hit though. I wore her to work today and really fell in love. I adore the hugeness and the open outer pockets on either side are perfect.
  3. I have a chocolate Edith which I use once a month when I attend seminars at my university and my grey paddy doesn't get as much use as last winter because I prefer my Bbags which are much lighter. But her time will come when the weather gets ****tier.
  4. I'm carrying my craie loaf most for now, the colour goes just perfectly with everything:nuts: I tote my taupe paddy about twice a week so it comes as a second (it's also so easy to match with my wardrobe), my large mousse pocket paddington goes out about once a week too (I love the colour but the bag is heavy..!!), and the large tan I'm carrying at least once every second week :P
    But this might change when the winter comes, I have some winter boots and a shearling lamb fur coat in tannish shade so I might take my large tan out more often on the winter time:rolleyes:
  5. I forgot to mention other brands, I used to have some lv's and diors but sold them as I love paddingtons so much more. I just got my first balenciaga (calcaire the first) and I'm crrying it when I need a smaller and lighter weighted bag :biggrin: By the way calcaire is almost the same shade as the craie in paddingtons :P
  6. I have to agree with hmwe46 here...but also because chocolat is my one and only Chloe! So far, anyway...:yes: I have the shoulder-strap paddy and I've worn nothing else since she arrived last week. It's incredibly easy and comfortable to carry. It's a great work bag because it will fit all my usual stuff plus a sandwich or a book and even a bottle of water if needed, and I love the outside pockets. But it's also great for shopping and stuff because it's so stylish! :wlae:

    I still love :heart: my LVs. They are so completely different from Chloe that I'm happy to keep them, especially for traveling, when I'll want something really lightweight and indestructible.

  7. Its a great question :yes:

    I am alternating between 3 at the moment. My mini loaf paddy in Blue Nuit is the bag I would grab as my perfect size bag, my taupe is my favourite bag if I have a few things to carry, and especially looks great with jeans and boots and I am using my Fendi B bag in black and tan as my grown up bag lol! :smile:
  8. I've only got one Chloe bag:crybaby:the lovely Whiskey paddy - she comes out of her dust bag around once a month.

    I need to get some more Chloe bags so that i can rotate more efficiently...
    :graucho: :wlae:
  9. well, since the craie is my only paddy now, she's my fave and most worn paddy. but out of all my bags in general, she's my fave =) i am pretty scared to get her dirty. but im doing pretty well so far. my 2nd most widely used is my oxblood bbag. 3rd would be my spy. i usually use it when i have lots of stuff to carry.

    i feel bad for my gucci bags but they'll forgive me!
  10. Lately I've been carrying Balenciagas only, but I have a Paddington US Shopper in Chocolate that I just love, but its big and I dont carry it as much as I should. And I just got the Bordeaux Tekla (small one no shoulder strap) thats probably the prettiest Chloe I have ever owned..havent used her yet though...the most used Paddy I had was my Taupe one, used it alot..then sold it...~sigh~
  11. My mousse gets the most action. During summer though, I have been toting my pink silverado hobo a lot. ;)
  12. It's between my cognac python silverado and my sable paddy. :love:
  13. After many paddys and much consideration, I can say for sure my craie box is definitely my most used Chloe! I love all of them but I always seem to want to carry my craie. :shame: I kinda feel guilty that my other bags aren't getting enough rotation!
  14. Audrey that's same with me and my craie loaf, it's so easy to match with almost all the possible colours, isn't it? :rolleyes:
  15. ^ I know! Craie goes with everything and it just seems to make my outfits more special. :shame: