Your Chloe in Action!

  1. This is an old picture of me with my Edith! :yahoo:Kind of a boring/messy oufit though! :roflmfao:
  2. Finally! I add...

    My 06 Chocolate Paddington.

    And my Aubergine Betty Satchel (my school bag, without books and slouchier, but I always keep a notebook in to keep it like a tote more than a hobo).
    100_1260.JPG 100_1264.JPG 100_1263.JPG 100_1262.JPG 100_1257.JPG
  3. In a vain attempt at taking a pic of me and my choco paddy I was summarily licked silly by my sweet, Rottn girl:


  4. Awww, this pic gives me the fuzzies! Oh, and you are rockin' those shoes!!!
  5. Thanks Euc!! She is such a doll, a total cuddle-muffin!!

    Here's another (even worse attempt at a) Chloe in Action pic. But it gives a good idea of the size of the loaf:

  6. Is that your new Craie hmwe? I love it! It looks like it compliments heaps of outfits too!
  7. So so so so pretty. It's a classic hmwe46! Doggie is adorable too.
  8. thank bellacheri & roma!! It is the new craie in action. I am totally loving the loaf for a different look with the classic paddy styling :love:
  9. HM, you look so different with your hair down. You've always had you hair in other pics, right? Or was that another PFer? Not even sure now. :wlae:

    Your dog is huge! :hrmm::shocked: I'm scared...

    I can't get over how gorgeous your new craie is! Can't wait to get into MP!!!
  10. Well, I am proud to finally own a paddy, I got it in the mail today... here she is.. my chocolate...
  11. Great photos ladies!!! :yes: everyone really knows how to work their Chloe bags ;)
  12. LOL, yeah I am always on my way to/fro the gymm so my hair is usually up. Thanks!! :yes:

    My sweetie girl is 75 lbs of Rottn Love, hee hee! She is such a cuddly dog, she is always wanting to crawl up on my lap :p

  13. Hi,
    Oh my god I love love love all your purses and your outfits!!
  14. Now that sounds just like me we seem to have a lot in common ;) !
    PS I just l:heart: ve your shoes!
  15. Here is my new pre-loved whiskey Paddington in action!