Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. Is this a Chloe purse? Thank you
  2. I believe this is a Celine Box Bag :flowers:
  3. Okay. Thank you so much.
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  4. Out getting pancakes for dinner (because I don't feel well and pancakes are all I wanted to eat today ☹️). Marcie is the most lovely dinner companion though!

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  5. DFED1744-E1C1-4DEF-A53B-315094ED48F5.jpg

    Spent my sunday with my mini marcie
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  6. This is her first day out with me, so she rode shotgun :smile:
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  8. Love the bag
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  9. IMG_4290.JPG
    Out for a drive!
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  10. 1D1A430C-3E39-4FA5-9BCC-4549CEC1D4D6.jpeg

    Sunday Brunch
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  11. My BOTD and current obsession. "Nude" navy Marcie:heart:, pictured with a view of one of the fields on our farm. chloe.JPG
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  12. DB98AA31-D19D-461A-A61A-C989A5E60380.jpeg
    See by Chloe Hana at the office today.
    Happy Friday everyone!
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