Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. Fab outfit as well! Where's the sweater from?
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  2. Thank you☺️ H&M
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  3. IMG_8717.JPG

    From this morning - chilly for Los Angeles!
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  4. Not really "in action" but today I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first Chloé bag during the sales.

    Here is my gorgeous mini Drew:
  5. That is a STUNNING grey! Enjoy her [emoji175][emoji175]
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  6. Thank you!

    Yes, the grey color is gorgeous :biggrin:
  7. In a store in Sweden and it was 30% off :smile:

    Very happy with the find! :biggrin:
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  8. My cloudy blue Chloe Milo tote

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  10. My new Chloe Medium Faye bag in Tobacco leather with suede Flap. Photo is from when I tried it on in the store. I initially got the black one pictured but returned it because i already have too many black bags with gold hardware. Plus my heart was saying get the Tobacco colour. :smile:

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  11. I have that same J. Crew jacket, it’s the best! Looks great with your bag.
  12. Thanks! The pink lining is so distinctive, isn’t it? It’s keeping me warm this winter :smile:
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  13. Lunch with my mini Pixie:
  14. Yes! I love that pink lining against the green!
  15. Every time I see you post a picture of one of your collection, I can't deal!! I've said it once and I'll say it a million times more - so cute!!
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