Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. Again with my 06 paddy :heart:

    My first ever designer bag, I keep this around even after selling the rest of my Chloes. I love it too much.

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  2. Yes, don't sell it! It is gorgeous and works perfectly with your outfit.
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  4. Gorgeous XL chocolate bar.... yum!!!
  5. Took her out today.. just lovin’ this medium Nile bag and the color(carbon brown) [emoji162]

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  6. The Carbon Brown is gorgeous!
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  7. F823B3DC-8D52-44E1-84FD-A691FAF18DEF.jpeg A cheeky little picture while I was shopping in Holland and Barrett, who knew they’d have a full length mirror near the organic toiletries :smile:
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  8. Rocking my rad new medium Nile in carbon brown [emoji111] IMG_1509166238.877411.jpg
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  9. I love the carbon brown color! It has so much more depth than most dark browns. :heart::heart:

    I was considering that color for the Day Faye (Faye Day) but my husband liked the lighter tan better. I don't regret the color I have, but now I still want something in that luscious carbon brown! LOL
  10. Thank you! Well you do have to consider that if you get the Drew bag, for instance, in the carbon brown color, it may not appear AS dark of a brown shade due to the fact that the suede part has a somewhat burgundy undertone in some lighting. You cannot notice so much on the Nile because the suede is only around the bottom of the bag, but the Drew and Faye is at the very least 50/50 suede leather combo. I personally Love this shade for its rich coffee brown that isn’t seen anywhere much, and I don’t believe a typical color for Chloé as a brand. Another note I’ll add, and it may sound small and ridiculous but it was the deciding factor for myself when picking a color for the medium Nile; the piping! You notice on the all the lighter shades of the Nile for instance, there’s this dark piping that stands out. I particularly found this cheapens the look of the overall bag, not to mention the stunning vintage brass hardware doesn’t really ‘pop’ when paired against the lighter shades. I’m sure you’ll make a great decision, good luck! [emoji4][emoji111]
  11. Really liked all of these observations :yes:
  12. The medium Nile in carbon brown is my goal, but it might be a while before I realize it. Thank you so much for all the great info on how the color wears in different bags. Now I need to go back and check piping! :smile:
  13. Thank you [emoji8][emoji111][emoji173]️ It’s really no problem, just some little things that I picked up on that either bothered me or I found particularly interesting about the bags. I’m also a very meticulous person by nature... it drives me nuts sometimes haha
  14. Everyone looks great here!
  15. My Chloé Faye Patchwork... New obsession B844C9ED-9D35-4A05-82C6-8D50F4E6AC6F.jpeg
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