Your Chloe in Action!

  1. You pull off the Large Paraty so well! Just beautiful.

    Adorable you! Your new Paraty would look so fabulous with this outfit too. Can't wait for this reveal!
  2. With my medium black Paraty
    With my new Miu Miu Catwalk sunnies
  3. You look wonderful as always and another great pairing!
    Love those pants of yours, too cute! The Paraty looks great against the Pink! :smile:
  4. Hello the bag is really great!! But I have to also mention the shoes, I really like them. They look so comfortable and modern. Could you tell me, where did you get them?
    Thank you.

  5. You look so classy!! Love your black paraty! My favorite bag ever!
  6. You always look so pretty! I really love that bag, very ladylike & classy!
  7. Thanks! They are TOMS shoes. When you buy a pair a child in need recieves a new pair, so they are charitable shoes as well. :smile:

    I bought mine at Nordstrom, though I'm sure TOMS has their own website. They have SOOO many fun colors and patterns. I have a couple pairs - they are like slippers!
  8. Very, very pretty. I think you might outshine the bag in this one... :biggrin:

  9. Love the top! I also loooove the glasses! I tried a similar pair by Elizabeth and James but couldn't pull them off. I wish I could!!
  10. Thanks, J! :smile:

    Thanks, beachgirl! :winkiss:

    I think I know which e and j sunnies you tried on, I tried them too but didn't work on me as well as these do! Also tried the similar Karen Walker. The Miu Mius extend more outward and upward, and they sit a little higher, so it'll work with more faces, in my opinion. I hope you'll try these, they really are excellent cat eyes.
  11. Thanks C4H, and yowza!! Looking fab, girl!! :heart: Love the peplum AND the pants AND the sunnies!! Perfect combo with your dreamy black Paraty! :love:

    Thanks scoobiesmomma!! :hugs: Can't wait for a little Paraty in my life... just one Chloe is NOT enough!

    Thank you, beachgirl!! :tender: I can't help feeling super girly when I carry her!!

    Aww, thanks, lady!! :hugs: You are too sweet :blush:
  12. Oh, that is great, I would like to order some.
    Which color have you got? I found these two and can not decide
    Ash Canvas Women's Classics
    Chocolate Canvas Women's Classics
    Thank you again.
  13. Thank you for your tip.
    I ordered them yesterday and I was really lucky-they were in Sale.

    Im really looking forward to them.
    Thanks again.
  14. ^^ You're welcome!! So happy you got it on sale!
  15. I agree that it looks perfect on your frame (and great with the outfit)! I have the large Paraty currently and I think it's a little big on me since I'm shorter (5'4) but I love her too much to sell. I used to own a medium-sized Paraty and I think that size suited me better. Oh well. : /