Your Chanel in action!

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  1. I stole this from the Hermes forum... they have a very active and wonderful thread of what people are wearing with their Chanels! I KNOW you ladies have great style and hopefully you guys will be willing to share! We could all use a little inspiration (me, especially!). It'll be fun to see how different our respective styles are despite our love for Chanel.

    This is what I wore on Valentine's Day:
    - Silk dress from Anthropologie
    - Black classic flap in lambskin
    - BCBG black suede pumps

  2. Oh my! You look gorgeous!

    Too bad my Chanels are not currently in action due to the fact that I am bumming around the house in lounge wear.

    More pics!!
  3. IntlSet, you look grogeous :nuts:

    attached was what i wore for company annual dinner, the theme was sparkling but i was not quite match it. :P

    - agne's b hat
    - a korean crystal necklace with matching earrings
    - local designer grey wool dress
    - sfera houndstooth coat
    - Bebe swarvoski belt
    - erickson beamon green bracelet
    - a ring bought in thai
    - cartier black santos
    - chanel beige cavair flap
    - black leggings and red chrisitan louboutin crystal heels
  4. Thanks, Sappho!

    Billbill -- I LOVE your outfit! It's so fun. You look great and I enjoy your bag!
  5. I'm wearing my Jumbo Navy Blue Patent today. Unfortunately, I'm at work and can't take any pics.
  6. Annie, you always look flawless. Love your style.
  7. IntlSet- you look stunning! The dress goes so well w/your Chanel!

    billbill- we can't see your gorgeous CLs!
  8. I took my Chanel to the Superbowl....there's a thread in here somewhere with pics:smile:
  9. Stunning Intlset!!
  10. Oh this is fun! Can't wait to see what everyone posts!
  11. I love this thread on the Hermes forum. Great idea!!
  12. thanks ladies for your praises. i didn't take pic on the heels on that night, but i found it on my wedding photos. here you go. it looks great but my feet hurts..:P
  13. I am a huge CL fan so thanks for posting!
    That red is gorgeous!:love:
  14. OH!

    Love this thread - I am so excited to see all the gorgeous Chanel in Action... especially on tPFers who Know How To Rock It!!!
  15. billbill I love your style!

    Anyways, this thread is wonderful, keep the pics coming and I'll see if I can get around to contribute to this thread as well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.