Your CELINE in action PICS!

  1. lufc_girl, thank you! NONO, you are not sloppy! Just cute:heart: I'm too old to dress like you do.:biggrin:

    kittykat65, thank you for your kind words! We are all waiting for your Envelop in Action pics!!!:p
  2. Here she is at the grocery store...:nuts:

  3. Oh helooooooo there! you look mighty fierce riding that cart!!!
  4. ^^now that is one gorgy grocery cart! :amuse: dying w/ envy here!!! oh when, oh when...
  5. Wow- that Anthracite looks awesome on the cart!
  6. Looks like she's thirsty. Love all your envelope bags. Off to Paris in less than two weeks, may have to find one while I'm there.
  7. :bump:
    Waiting for your new modeling pics!!!
  8. More modeling pics.
  9. kittykat- love your grocery store action shot!! so funny!

    I am still searching for the perfect luggage tote....
  10. flower71... :drool:

  11. ^Hehe! When can you officially adopt your Sunkist baby from HK? :tender:
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    ^december? ugh! or until further notice :shucks:

    ETA: that clutch! :nuts: reminds me of H bougainville color!
  13. I'm crossing my fingers for you, hopefully you get it in Dec in time for Xmas :smile:

    Re clutch: I'll post the bigger pic here again, for everyone's viewing pleasure :p I think it's on the Celine website, but it looks more red! The embossed stamp also reminds me a little bit of H.

    via Stockholm Street Style
  14. thanks purse, I posted it on another thread...I'll do more mod pics for sure, I am sooooo happy:yahoo: