Your CELINE in action PICS!

  1. Thank you purse-nality - I really need to post more pics of this beauty in action. The scarf I had on in this photo drives me crazy - it is too distracting. I will post better pics...
  2. Marielegance's pure feminine simplicity...

  3. SR22 dress-down chic...

  4. PowerMagic's LE Boogie...

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    pretty namie...

  6. last but not least... pics that jumpstarted a friend's celine frenzy...

    einseine, marrying classic and edgy w/ the Luggage....


  7. Holly, spotted by blogger/pfer, w/ what looks to me the Luggage Zip NO curves (?)...

    i couldn't resist. she looks so fresh!

  8. shush! you definitely carried it well! :girlsigh:
  9. This is me and Camel Luggage today!:biggrin:
    IMG_2119 (2).JPG IMG_2118.jpg
  10. purse-nality, thank you for your consolidation efforts! :flowers:
    Let us show your modeling. pics SOON!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  11. ooooooh! the Camel that started my Celine affair!! how come she looks better on others! hi babe! did yours soften up already.. mine's just 4days old and she's softened up already:biggrin:
  12. einseine sooo nice! I'd love to have camel if I wasn't so sloppy :sad:

    Thanks purse-nality for merging the thread!
  13. Hi Bornsocialite26! My camel mate!:biggrin:
    Mine's sotened up compared to the original status. I have put a heavy paper inside the pocket, which helps mine to "stand up." Also I have
    put a hard plastic board at the bottom. When I purchase a tote I always do that to keep the shape.:p

  14. oooooooh!camel mate it is! yeah I get ya! I noticed the back part of the tote tends to colapse more than the front part, il keep those tips in mind! I do love tote's simply because I like open bags all the time..also the leather scent is not too strong anymore so Im happy w/ that;)
  15. I adore your outfit!! You look so great!!