Your CELINE in action PICS!

  1. so classy :p
  2. My Small Pontet belt in Cognac Vintage Lizard together with Summer 2011 brass knot cuff.
  3. ^ Love love love!
  4. you got the belt! very nice!!
  5. Thanks Yoda143 and bsufku. Yes, I did manage to find one in HK! It's a bit expensive for a belt but I'm already lusting for another in ANOTHER exotic. Everyone should get a Pontet belt.
  6. Love the quiet details. So so stylish!

    Agreed :tup: Love your skirt as well!

    Fabulous colour. The phantom is really growing on me :smile:

    So in love with the cobalt :heart:

    So cute and functional!
  7. love!!!
    Got this preordered at DF and cancelled as went with the box and trio instead...
    Do the straps fit in your shoulder????

  8. this is sexy :lol: xx
  9. love this as well!!!:biggrin:

  10. this bag is beautiful!

  11. So jealous this bag is amazing! :biggrin:

  12. Absolutely beautiful bag!:biggrin::biggrin:

  13. So very chic. Love the belt & knot cuff. Very cool:smile:
  14. My Coquelicot Nano on our way to drop my daughter to school :biggrin:
    red nano2.JPG red nano.JPG
  15. [​IMG]
    thank you ladies! *feels a little shy about that sexy comment*