Your CELINE in action PICS!

  1. Looks stunning on you my dear!
  2. Thanks lovely & how are you ?...... I haven't been in the Celine forum much I've been cheating with Bal & Chloe ;)
  3. I'm good! Haven't been around much lately either, I'm strangely ok with my collection right now... It's really weird! Haha although I saw the black/charcoal? felt/wool body trapeze with leather flap and I'm tempted but it would make no sense in rainy Seattle!

    How are you my dear? How's miss trapeze?
  4. Those sandals are so cool with the chain ;)
  5. I'm great thanks, Miss Trapeze is great although doesn't get the use she deserves but I still love her........ The UK has had so much rain this summer & I think its probably the worst summer in years :sad:
  6. havent used my mini for awhile since it is summer now:graucho: still in love w/t it and going to get a phantom for the coming fall:p
    SAM_3395.jpg SAM_3410.jpg
  7. LOVE your sandals!
  8. Accidentally posted this in Hermes!! Here are my babies :smile:
  9. Cute bag with adorable girl.
    Her smile is infectious! :biggrin:
  10. Thank you :smile:
  11. Wow, fabulous bag (never saw this one before, love it!) and supercute girl! You are a lucky woman! :biggrin:

    This was me in todays outfit with a white Zara blouse and some Uniqlo pants and during my shopping tour with a camel blouse and a lovely cape, which I HAD to buy today, even at 28°C... :cool:
    zara weiss.JPG hallhuber beige.JPG hallhuber cape.JPG
  12. Thank you! Love the clothes :smile:
  13. Got my Celine Shoulder Luggage after searching for it for a while. With a red Valentino dress and Roger Vivier heels.

  14. tweed mini:loveeyes:
  15. :smile: