Your brand of ‘middle range’ clothes.

  1. So the story is this: although I would like to wear Chanel everyday, I can’t afford it *sweat* so I have to be content with wearing something else in the ‘middle range.’ I have been packing today and realised that I have way too many Anne Fontaines for my middle range clothes.

    It is very disturbing because it means I am very boring and likes to wear white only! So it would be great if someone can pull me out of my sad style and tell me what other good ‘middle range’ names are your favourites and I should be looking for: you know, the type of stuff that isn’t expensive like Chanel but at the same time not as proliferated as H&M/Topshop/Zara.

    Just to show you my sad Anne Fontaine life, I bought 8 blouses of the same colour (white!) in a single season! BTW, I am just pulling and cutting these pics from a PDF catalogue.

    The ones that the Asian looking girl wearing on both pics:

    The one the European girl is wearing in the 2nd pic:

    The ones the Asian girl is wearing in both pics:

    The one the European girl wears in the first pic:

    Anyway please tell me some good names to improve my quality of life, LOL!
  2. I really like what I see: very nice clothes!
  3. Yeah! very nice clothes and all look smart.

    Anyway, I didn't work yet and always wear casual clothes especially denim so my middle line clothes are mostly Diesel and Marc by Marc jacobs.
  4. Depends on your shape and style really. Personally I like Club Monocco, Theory, DKNY, Laundry, and Ralph Lauren. Sometimes Ann Taylor but mainly for pants.
  5. ^^I love Ann Taylor, Theory and Tahari. These are staples in my wardrobe and have been for years!
  6. Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Anthropologie (has many different brands--all TDF!!), Juicy, J.Crew...I have even been known to find a few cute things at Target and Old Navy!
  7. i like marc by marc jacobs, grail, & morphine generation :smile:
  8. I lOVE athropologie! I also shop at banana republic and jcrew for basics. The Savvy department at Nordstrom is fairly reasonable and carries a lot of different designers. I love Club Monaco but there isn't one nearby and they don't have online shopping :crybaby:
  9. Strenesse Black Label for work, some M by MJ, by birger, some Max Mara, Diane v Fuerstenberg (although I got over wrap dresses) and Moschino cheap & chic (girly side!)
  10. I like Theory, Rebecca Taylor...more contemporary brands although " mid range" is defined differently for every person :smile:
  11. I really like all three white shirts in both pics! :yes:
  12. i love club monaco and french connection (fcuk).
  13. Bee Bee you have great taste, but have you thought of experimenting with prints? Some prints are also sophisticated and classy (I'm guessing htat's your style)

    I love Diane von furstenburg dresses and tops and also M by Missoni
  14. i LOVE bcbg :smile:
  15. I like club monaco, bebe, j crew and banana republic.