Your Boss Is Ten Years Younger Than You !!

  1. How would you feel if your boss was 10 younger than you ?

    Have you/would you, ever worked for someone that was significantly younger than you?

    Does it depend whether there Male or Female ?

  2. I am actually really interested to read others' views on this. I supervise someone who's a lot older than me, and sometimes I can tell he's unhappy with that fact. He has made a comment like, "What do you know, you were not even born yet when [this or that] happened."

    To me, age and gender dont really matter. If he/she is a good boss, than that's the only thing that's important :amuse:
  3. No, i haven't been in that situation yet... This is my 3rd job since college and i'm always the youngest on the team...:yes:
  4. I don't care about age. I'm in my 40s now and I have met incompetent people of ALL ages. I find younger people to be refreshing in their ideas and thoughts. As long as the person is someone who has integrity, I could care less if they are 20 or 80.
  5. i've always felt that as long as they're more qualified for the job, then more power to them. i'm still young, so if someone was 10 years younger than me and my manager, then s/he'd have to be 12 years old. lol. right now, even 18-21 year old managers are around (in small stupid-whatever teen stores their parents own or whatnot), so it's not that big a deal to me.

    at my old job at Restoration Hardware, i was one of the senior associates, but a lot of my coworkers were old enough to be my parents or grandparents (they had grandkids too, around the late teen ages), but all respected me cuz i knew what i was doing and what the company standards/etc were.

    i think it's all about the quality of the service and professionalism that they bring to the team.. if it's crappy and bad attitude, then of course i'd be a little offended.
  6. hasn't happened to me yet but if it does.. then I guess, just go with the flow..
  7. speaking from experience as being the manager of a few depts that had women who were in there 40's working for me, i don't think they were intimidated/upset at all. of course, i had to earn their respect by showing them i knew what i was doing but the age factor was never the cause of a conflict between me and my team.
  8. I've never been in tht position since I'm only23, but at my current job I've been able to assign projects to other people and give people who have been here WAY longer than me work to do... and they totally resent it. Not all of them, one in particular, but she totally totally resents it. Totally totally resents it. And I know its because I'm new and young and can already do more than she does here... I think it bothers people when they perceive people as a threat to their job.
  9. I used to be an assistant manager, at the time I was 24 and we had a couple of girls that were older than me. One was about 32 and the other about 40. I don't think they ever had a problem with me because they knew I knew more about what was going on than the manager did most of the time. They would always come to me over the manager with any questions they had because they knew I would most likely know the answer and the manager wouldn't.
  10. I have recently been the boss of people more than 10yrs older than me. I don't think it matters what age a boss is at all if they do their job to the best of their ability :yes:

    Gender doesn't matter either.
  11. As long as I am treated with dignity and respect it makes no difference to me how old or what gender my boss is. I've always felt this way. I've never really had a problem with any of my bosses over the years, but there was one guy I worked for that really wanted to be "mothered" and that got on my nerves.
  12. I run my own biz, my employees are mostly older than me. I'm the only female as well. Our work environment is very laid back, and so far, I see no problems working with older males.
  13. Wholeheartedly agreed! Incompetence knows no boundaries...:rolleyes:

    That being said, my current DM is a few years younger than I and female. While I have never had any issues with her, some of the men in our district seem to have, especially one in particular. He made some pretty demeaning comments about her getting her position because of her sex, age, and how she looks. It all got back to our DM and she was very displeased. I know she has struggled to find a happy medium, but I really feel like she has found her groove.

    I used to manage an Applebee's and had employees of all ages including my younger sister. It was challenging to say the least. Most of the people who were older than I never gave me any issues. However, there was one line cook who constantly questioned my decisions and authority. Sometimes it took all of my patience not to slam his face onto the broiler!!! :mad: :shame:
  14. Wouldn't bother me at all, tbh. Age is just a number. :smile:
    Male or female - doesn't matter to me!
    As long as the younger boss didn't act condescending in an 'I'm younger than you but higher than you' kind of way, then it would be cool with me.
    That said, all my previous bosses have actually been older than me, but i was an assistant manager for a while and was younger than some of my colleagues.
  15. hmmm, i havent been in this situation yet... nix and i (22 and 24) are the youngest ones that work in the department... the next person closest to our age is 32... i've ever only worked with ppl who are older.... i find it quite good... i think i've grown up quickly because of it...