Your boobs after major weight loss????(r/o)

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  1. I started a new diet last week after going to a health and wellness clinic. It's the first week and I have already lost a little over 6 pounds. My first goal is to lose 50 pounds, but plan to set another goal after that to lose more weight. However I am nervous that after losing a significant amount of weight my boobs will get really saggy. I'm currently a DD, but I'm not sure if they will get smaller over time with weight loss.

    This is a really personal question so if you want to answer but not here you can pm me.

    My question is for those of you that were heavy and and lost a lot of weight did you chest get smaller in proportion to your new weight? Or did they stay the same size and sag?

    I just really want to know if I need to prepare my self for a breast lift or something along those lines. I know that a lot of people that lost it by gastric bypass and other surgery's of that type have had to have some type of augmentation or lift.

    Thank you in advance ladies!!!
  2. Honestly, it just depends. It depends on the elasticity of your skin and how it will react. I had lost a large amount of weight (50 lbs) in a 4 year spread, and my breasts coped with it fine. They did go down nearly a size and a half though, but they did not sag!

    Again, just depends on your body. But you will see what happens as you continue to lose weight :tup:
  3. What she said ^^^

    Some girls lose lots of mass in their breasts, and some don't. Those same girls might lose a lot, but given their skin elasticity, it will look fine. The others will sag. There are too many factors here to give you a firm answer.

    Overall, it's better to be healthy than have perky breasts...ya know? So keep with the diet plan.
  4. I've lost 150+ pounds (from 265 to 100) and went from a near-DD to a small A - but my A cup is filled majorly with skin... no meat really. I'm looking into a breast augmentation with a small implant (maybe a small B) - but the tissue damage is pretty bad because of the "trauma" they endured from being stretched to such an unnatural size (for me, at least).
  5. I have lost 222 pounds so far. My bra size went from a 48DD to a 34C (I think; I had to measure myself and consult a bra catalog to answer this question). My boobs did sag a tiny bit, but it's not that bad. I have some stretch marks and loose skin, but overall I would say they still look good. I don't think 50 pounds would do too much damage. Your skin will probably bounce back better than mine did. I have loose skin on my upper arms, thighs and tummy...probably more than 10 pounds worth!
  6. Best wishes to you! Making such a dramatic change in your life style is wonderful. I am hypoglycemic and before anyone figured out what was wrong with me, I gained 30-40 lbs. I lost it over about a year or so once a nutrionist taught me how to each properly.

    My breasts definitely shrunk when the weight came off. In fact, they were the most obvious change to my body, besides my face. But they didn't sag...just got smaller.

    I think it depends on your body type, skin type and who knows what all.

    Good luck to you! And good for you! You'll be so happy and healthy!
  7. I think a lot depends on your body type & how fast you lose your weight. I did lose 50lb.. but gained back 10... (eeEck) I don't think you're going to lose massive booobage... (hahah I wasn't sure how else to phrase it) but maybe the width (size) of the bust would definitely get smaller. I think you'll do just fine... g:huh:d luck to you.. and g:huh:d luck to US~! :tup:
  8. ^I agree with all of the above posts. I also wanted to add that a few years ago I lost 30 pounds and I saw no difference at all in my breast size or appearance. However, I have been lifting weights and concentrating a lot on fat loss and in a month's time I lost a full cup size with no weight loss at all. :censor: That's not where I needed to lose the fat, either. I need all that I can get on top!

    You are just going to have to wait to see how your body reacts, as every woman is different.
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses. I guess only time will tell.
  10. Good luck on losing weight.

    I know women that lost 50lbs and their breasts didn't change at all. I've seen women lose a size or 2. It depends.
  11. I lost around 20 pounds and went from a C to a D. The size isn't all that big so they don't droop thank GOD but augh. I miss my old boobies!

    Good luck!
  12. When I lost a few pounds and firmed up, I swear my boobs got bigger LOL!
    I mean they were perky and looked AMAZING in bras lmao!
    They still do haha!!