Your black bag

  1. I did a search on "black" bags. Wayyyy too many came up.

    What is YOUR favorite black bag?
  2. My Chanel cruise collection large tote. It's my favorite.
  3. Chanel caviar tote!
  4. Tod's Moccasino.
  5. Anna Corinna mini city tote
  6. Hayden Harnett Black Suki ladybag
  7. One that I own--

    One that I want :smile:--
  8. My Chanel Jumbo Classic flap in lambskin
  9. Hi Judie, Good thread and I think you know my favorite black bag!!!! For everyone else: same as titania!:love::party:
  10. I have two that I like equally -- black Botkier trigger in goatskin and black Marc Jacobs sienna.
  11. i have a coach leather hobo and a prada satchel
  12. Right now my fav is my black leather Gucci Peggy. I love it so much!
  13. I know, hard to believe but the only black bag that I own is a Kooba Mackenzie clutch.
  14. My Black Balenciaga City and First!:love:
  15. My black balenciaga city bag.