Your biggest Balenciaga pet peeve?

  1. I don't know about you all, but it makes me want to pull my hair out when I see someone wearing their bag with the pocket side facing their body, so the plain side shows. :nogood: Is this just me?

    What are your pet peeves?
  2. The strap... I wish it was longer on the First and City style, and maybe a little more comfortable.

    I wear mine w/the pockets facing inwards sometimes :push:, but I swear, it's always by mistake!
  3. They should have left the Twiggy handles at the longer length that they used in 2004, S/S 05 they shortened them : ( I don't like using the strap on my Twiggys which then means hand held and the possibility of darkened handles.

    I wish you well,

  4. Yes, the strap! It's barely functional at the current length; I simply adore all the celebutants with older bbags and long straps.
  5. tassels that split from day one and tassels with undyed edges! Also, more so now than ever, lighter unsaturated handles that do not match the rest of the bag--:push: (that is THE worst!)
  6. :roflmfao: this use to drive me nuts until i started carrying my black city like this recently...and surprisingly, it felt more comfortable to hold a broken in bbag this way. i carried one of my newer bags this way and no way did it feel the same.
  7. I don't understand the shoulder strap on the first and the city either! I had a grenat first and I could only carry with on the arm or in my hands. With my city, I've been breaking in the handles over my coat so that I don't need the uncomfortable shoulder strap! I would LOVE to wear the city cross-body style, so another vote for longer straps!
  8. I would like larger handles, say, the size of the Briefs

    I can fit the twiggy and city handles over my shoulder - but I have found the Brief size to be perfect!
  9. I wish almost all the bags had longer handles - I think it is proportionately awkward for the larger bags like the work, weekender to be carried only with short handles.

    The other pet peeve I have is what I both hate and love about Bals - the inconsistency in the leather. It is very difficult to order a bag without seeing it IRL - but when you do find one with the perfect leather - its true love!
  10. I didn't know the twiggy handles were longer in 04!

    I wish the inside had a beautiful print or something other than plain black cotton.

  11. I soo agree with everything you said:p
  12. Mine would be that the leather and colour varies so much when its supposed to be the same!
  13. My #1) Extremely dry leather on BBags.
  14. That the handles darken :cursing:
  15. I wish more Bbags were on display at BalNY. I wonder how many they'd sell, and how many more visitors they'd attract, if we were all rewarded with the sight of Bbag heaven on full display in it's full glory. :girlsigh: