Your best teacher.....

  1. Since there have been a lot of threads about school and teachers (your own or your kids), I was wondering about your positive experiences with teachers. What made someone stand out to you?

    I know my own personal experience was with a teacher in a subject I struggled with (advanced science). I just remember how encouraging he was and how he tried to show us how what we were learning related to the "real world." He also was always explaining why he constructed each assignment or activity and what he hoped we would gain from it. It really made the work seem meaningful!
  2. Cool thread. I had an AP English teacher in HS who challanged me to do better and better, also a Latin teacher who did the same. Were it not for them I might not have had the courage to go to a great undergrad college and then onto grad school. Sadly, they probably never knew how much they helped.
  3. My AP US History last year will always stay with me. He's so knowledgeable about history and you can tell that he really loves history. He was very thorough in his lectures too and explained everything in a concise manner. He had an odd sense of humor and so rarely told a joke that it became even more funny just because he told one. I remeber that sitting ontop the P.A. speaker was a Krispy Kreme hat.

    One of my favorite quotes from him was when someone asked him what he does outside of school and he said, "I read history. Well, sometimes I play golf but mostly I read history."
  4. Public school? No one hops to mind. I seemed to always get the dregs of the educational system. University: my rehabilitation psych prof. He was cool. He would have his students come out to his farm and let us watch his border collies herd his goats and sheep. Graduate school: another rehabilitation psych prof. He was actually only a few years older than me. Turned out to be good friend later. Post grad: my vocational evaluation prof. He was very engaging. When I think of him I can still see him pointing to students with the right answer, smiling this huge Cheshire cat grin and hear him shouting "BINGO!" :greengrin:

    My most favorite teacher of all time is my violin teacher. I started lessons with her 12 years ago this month. I was 39, couldn't read music, never touched a violin but her never ending enthusiam and confidence in her students has brought so many gifts to my life that I couldn't begin to count them all. She's four years younger than I am, has two kids and we've become good friends over the years, but first and foremost, she's my violin teacher and my personal sunshine. I just adore her!!:love:
  5. All my college teachers pop up in my mind. I had a blast in college. If I were to single out anyone, it would be my Marketing and Computer & Info Management professors cause they're the reason I tacked on Marketing and CIM as my majors onto my Accounting one.
  6. when i was in college, i took a Black Women in America course, and it was the only class i looked forward to attending. the students in the class used to have heated discussions and debates (sometimes it was like, pass the popcorn!), and the professor was so lively, always with a witty statement to keep everyone in line. i was often too shy to participate, but that professor always left me with a little nugget of info to think about at the end of each class.
  7. My honors and AP English teacher, Dr. Kemmer.

    He was a millionaire and only taught bc he loved doing it. He is truly one of the smartest people I have ever met.

    I was fortunate enough to have him for both my freshman and senior year:smile:
  8. my debate coach and law teacher in high school, Mrs. Nichols. since the debaters travelled every weekend for tournaments, she because like my second mom. she really cared about her students and was interested in them as people, not just kids that she was in charge of. i was captain of the debate team my senior year and accomplished many things that make me extremely proud (including going to the National Championships in Boston), and i wouldn't have been able to without her.
  9. My Form Tutor who I had for the whole five years at High School. He was always in a happy mood and he was always whistling. He wasn't the best at teaching me ICT but he'd always be there for you and help you out if you needed anything at all. He'd really go out of his way to make time for you and praise you.
  10. One of my social studies teachers in high school. He was very kind and very smart. I loved him and even student taught for him when I was a senior.
  11. I had a Spanish teacher who was so encouraging and fun. He made every student feel special. He also brought more than just the language to the class but the culture, food, etc. We would have semester parties at his house and his wife would welcome us as well. As a result we all wanted to learn and I found a new love for languages, which I hadn't had before.
  12. One of my college professors when I was in the teaching credential program. She was an amazing woman who inspired me to continue on my path towards becoming a teacher.

    I only had one memorable teacher in high school, whom I had for AP English senior year. He was the first teacher to treat us like we were adults, which inspired some of the best discussions about literature.