Your Best Hermes Accessory

  1. Of all that you have purchased...What is your best/most favorite?

    Please share why and if you can post a pic.
  2. It's a big accessory, but I'm loving my toile barenia birkin at the moment. Won't post a pic because you all are prob sick of it by now, lol. It's been getting a lot of use this week after being in the spa for a while.
  3. LOL Ingenue...I did not mean handbags, but you are right....they are accessories!!! YOU GOT ME! (we are never sick of how much people love their bags...go ahead and post. LOL)
  4. I love my Chaine D'Ancre bracelet :heart: It's my favourite :smile:
  5. I don't really have a favorite but the accessory that has proven to be very useful is the Karo. I have both the GM and PM but prefer the GM. Just about everything goes in here!
  6. I love my Bearn wallet with matching keycase. They are in turquoise chevre and I just love to look at them!
  7. Eeep! I don't know! I'd say, either my Au Coeur de la Vie scarf or my new Rouge Garrance Kelly Double Tour!! :yahoo:
  8. i love my ivory caleche bangle with gh and my gi=old pagesus cadena on my black quitte ou necklace. honestly i wear them both ALL THE TIME. best best best purchases.
  9. Favorite accessory?

    Can I have two?????? Please?????

    My Barenia Etrivier double tour and my Constance Belt with its brushed Palladium buckle.
  10. Ooh, this is very hard. I'm automatically excluding scarves and bags b/c it would be impossible to choose one.

    The ones that get the most use are the Karo in both PM & GM for the reasons 24 cited, and b/c I'm always using one or the other, and then my vertical Azap.
  11. Mine would have to be my Constance belt as well.
  12. I don't know!!! I love my Collier de Chien cuff for being the most unique; I love my wallets....and my new karo - I never could follow the rules lol!!
  13. Me, too, shoes! I love my collier de chien to bits!

    There are pics on the CDC thread, but since you asked... here's one:

  14. Definately my Fusia Croc Wallet!!!!! I don't ever leave home without her!!!! :heart: Also if we're not talking walets either I would say my CDC bracelet! I love it so much!!!!!! Even if I'm not wearing anything to match with her!
  15. My fuchsia globetrotter, I'm finally organized:smile: