Your best Ebay steal...

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  1. Tiffany candlesticks for $20.00... yours?
  2. My Ernie Ball StingRay electric bass. It retails for $1200 at music stores, but I bought it brand new for $700 because it was a 2001 model and I bought it in 2002. Looks the same as the 2002 model, as far as I'm concerned, and I got it at almost half price :nuts:
  3. D&G jeans for $70. At first I thought they were fake because the button fell off the first time I put them on. But I sewed it back on and I've worn them and washed them several times a week for 2 years and they still look brand new. I love them. and the button has never budged since.
  4. My husband just bought an $18,500 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle on Ebay this wk. He swears it was a great deal. >snicker< He owes me big time
  5. dior boston bag in burgundy for 250.
  6. Ummm.... juicy bag for 75 smackaroos.
  7. Nada. I actually have never purchased off eBay...

    If I ever decide to, I will rely on you all for help!!
  8. leather juicy bag for 33 :smile:
  9. Wow, great deal!:nuts:
  10. Mine was a brand new LV Suhali L'aimable for $800 shipped :lol:
  11. michael kors bag w/ tags for $70 - it's bright pink, i cant wait until summer to wear it
  12. I dunno if this is the right place to ask.

    Pls pardon my ignorance. I wonder why would anyone wants to sell a new branded bag over at ebay at a cheaper price (not taking into account those who buy and regret their purchases). :unsure: I am referring to those sellers who sell quite a number of new items over ebay.

  13. Louis Vuitton MC cles 38$ !
  14. my most recent "steal" was viva la juicy eau de parfum 3.4 oz for $45 with shipping. love the scent!@
  15. My word this is an old thread !