Your Best Deal / Worst Deal

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  1. Best: Inferno Bella that I use all the time and got for $48 from Macy's.

    Worst: Amore Gioco from Pulse. I "settled" for the Gioco instead of the Zucca, I paid full price, and they are now going for under retail on eBay.
  2. My best deal so far was $110 for my Bella :biggrin: I wish I could get it cheaper in the mainland...but that's not an option. I haven't had a bad deal yet...*crosses fingers*
  3. Best deal: Fumo bella w/citta lining $50

    Worst deal: Rose citta denaro. Worst print placement ever. Returned.
  4. Inferno zucca for 138, not bad at all. Sadly, there aren't any stores in Ohio that carry Tokidoki so finding deals in person isn't really plausible. D*mn lame state!
  5. Best deal: Inferno canguro for $65

    Worst deal: Foresta Gioco that I over paid and hated it--sold it! :yahoo:
  6. Best Deal: Paradiso/Inferno/Foresta BV's and Paradiso gioco for no more than $120 each. Paradiso/Foresta denaro's were not bad at about $50 each.

    Worst Deal: Foresta bella for $127. I don't use it because it's too small. I just bought it because I thought it was so damn "cute."
  7. Best deal: citta gioco $15 plus tax
    Worst deal: either nuvola for 110 plus tax or pirata portatelefono for 54 shipped- comes to less than 35 % off
  8. :wtf: Citta gioco for $15!!! How did you score that one?
  9. Best Deal: Foresta Campeggio for $56+ tax, Citta Cucciolo for $34.60 + tax.
    Worst Deal ..Pirata portatelefone that I had to pay at 30% over retails in Honolulu while vacationing because I have just discovered toki & I thought the price of toki bags would be the same in the US,so I was trying to take advantage of the lower tax rate in HI but didn't know that I was paying 30% over retail.
  10. $15 for a gioco?! howw???
  11. whoa SempreII ...$15! :nuts:

    Julicrystal: wow you got super deals too!
  12. I agree you got some good deals too! Julicrystal
  13. I want good deals like that :crybaby: :lol:
  14. Thank you all. But I can't get over a Paradiso Campeggio that I would have gotten for just $56.:crybaby:
  15. yea how did you get your deals Julicrystal?????

    I got it at UO, no one knew they were marked down and they were kinda hidden, so I got it for $30 and a Zucca for $100, less than two weeks later, the entire store was 50% off, i got a price adjustment!!!!! the print placement on the gioco isn't my favorite though