Your best Coach "bargain"

  1. Please note, "bargain" is in quotes b/c we're in Coach World, but I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the best deals we've found since I know a lot of ladies here are really saavy about their purchasesand get some great deals (well, if you're like me that's true at least some of the time).

    So, aside from gifts, what are some of your favorite/best deals?

    Mine just happened last weekend - got a legacy shoulder bag in whiskey for $179.99 :yahoo: . I also got the chelsea metallic satchel for same price at the outlets for midnight madness.
  2. The nylon and sateen hamptons last fall that were in the outlets. Coach bags for under $100! I got a gold one and a blue hobo.
  3. ^^^^ that's awesome! Congrats!
  4. hmmm...

    Blue patent gallery tote for $143 ($350ish retail)
    Grass Green/Khaki signature gallery tote $150 (eBay)
    Suede swing pack - $60ish
    Black nylon hamptons hobo - $40ish.
    gold nylon gallery skinny - $25 (retail for $68)
  5. My most recent was my black Soho Signature Hobo for $160. (retail $298).
  6. My red Hamptons Leather Carryall Tote for $193 (marked down from $358).
    My black Madison Top Handle Clutch for $119 (marked down from $298).
  7. A couple of months ago I went to the outlets in Williamsburg and got

    (2) Large Hamptons Scribble Hobo's for only $60 each


    (1) Black nylon hobo for $50

    I was going to keep them all for myself but gave the black one to my best friend and sold the scribbles. I was afraid of the light color! I am hoping for a deal like that when I go back to the outlets this month!
  8. Coach scribble pouch for 48.00 (98.00 original price)
  9. Wow! Everyone has gotten some great deals!

    I decided to upload a pic of the shoulder bag and add another thing I forgot to add before - just got a nylon mini skinny for $24.99 @ TJ Maxx today (retail $68).

    Sorry for the quick pics - we're getting ready to go out for dinner, so I've got to run, but can't wait to get back and hear about more deals!
    nylon skinny.JPG whiskey shoulder bag.JPG
  10. yep - that's where I got mine too! but the gold one! (ended up giving that to my SIL, bought one for myself off eBay for $21!!)

    I love hearing about these deals! I honestly think I only paid full retail price for about 3 of my bags...most of my stuff came from outlets or eBay, gifts, or were 'donated too' (ie - was given cash as gifts to purchase bags)
  11. I bought my sister a lovely teal Hamptons large carryall at the outlet for $159 for Christmas. She really likes it!
  12. At the Gaffney, SC outlet I got a tobacco colored calfskin satchel with four pockets. Retail-$598, outlet-$539, reduced-$269 PRICELESS!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. Mia Signature Satchel in Black/White from the outlet for $129.99
  14. Suede Poppy tote for $75.00 retailed for 325
    chelsea Optic Hobo for $180 retailed for $258
    Lauren sunglasses for $100 with red sig C leather case retailed for 2something
    Hamptons tote 80.00 retailed for 199
    Sig C wallet for 89.00 retailed for 175

    I try to find the best deals I can and do my best to not pay retail but I have many times if I must have it now!!
  15. Mine would have to be:
    Hamptons nylon large hobo $65.00 @ Macys
    Soho Rabbit fur hobo $88.00 @ Coach outlet