your best CHANEL bag purchase?

  1. Beautiful colour. I saw a taupe bag in Reissue 12P. I like this colour alot:smile:

  2. yay we are bag twins :smile: I love this colour and also how it can compliment other colours easily too!
  3. Very nice! I love this color! :smile:
  4. little vintage number - I am always asking to borrow this one...:smile:
  5. Beige Clair Jumbo SHW. I know most prefer GHW for their beige clair, but I was and still am head-over-heels for it with silver hardware. It's clean, chic and I can easily wear it with gold or silver-toned jewelry. It's a neutral when I need it to be with summer colors or it pops in the winter with my darker winter clothing. It was also my first Chanel. :love:

  6. That article is funny! I guess the English and Australia sense of humor is very similar.
  7. my best chanel purchase is the olsen bag, it costs me more than it's retail price but it's so worth it.
    i just love it so much
  8. I am glad you took a picture of your bag. I just bought the same bag a few weeks ago and I love it so much. Sometimes I just take it out to stare at it. I adore the silver hardware as well.

  9. I agree with you 100% I love my beige claire GST with shw so much better then with gold.
  10. May I ask how long have you bought it for, how is the shine of SHW holding? Your bag looks boutique condition!
  11. It's in pristine condition! congrats!
  12. [​IMG]

    My favorite is my beige jumbo caviar leather Jumbo WGH. Last one in Neiman Marcus special ordered when the Chanel boutique couldn't get it. Isn't she pretty?
  13. Watch those claws...getting nervous! :smile:
  14. Beautiful. I myself would never get a light-color bag as I'm deathly afraid of color transfer, but I oh-so-much admire all the beige bags I see around these parts.
  15. My East/West flap I bought in 2009. I used my employee discount and got the best deal ever. I don't think I'll ever get a deal like again on Chanel bag.