Your best advice for TTC?

  1. I have found lots of good tips here and there in this subforum but I would love it if you all would share with me the most important things one should do/not do while TTC. A little background on me: I was on the pill for 6-7 years, went off about 8 months ago, had super irregular cycles (like 3 months w/o AF) until about 2 1/2 months ago when things started to be a little more normal - though my cycle is my no means completely regular yet. My dr. said that I shouldn't even start counting the time TTC until my cycle was semi-back-to-normal. So I guess it's been only a couple of months but it seems like so long!

    I am still young but my DH is 15 years older than I am - so we are really anxious to get going with our family! And he has a child from a previous marriage so presumably everything is fine on his end. I am really wanting to hear all of your advice about how to go about all of this to improve our chances! I kind of have read about the charting, etc, but can you give me more specifics? And any other tips you might have - diet, exercise, "alternative" therapies, whatever! Thanks so much!!
  2. Remember to not make BD a chore and enjoy yourselves. Oh and try to not get discourage when AF comes. It will happen when the time is right.
  3. I guess my best advice is get familiar with your cervical mucus, and get comfortable checking. That is the surest way you will know if you are ovulating and a number of girls on this forum have gotten pregnant that way.

    Also, acupuncture can help even out your cycles naturally.

    Best of luck!
  4. I second that :tup::tup:
    My best advice is to check your cervical fluids internally and get busy when its stretchy.
  5. preseed! read up on it because im convinced we got prego with the help of that.
  6. thanks for all of your advice so far!
  7. question about preseed: do you use it every time you BD or only during those times when you know/think you are close to ovulation?
  8. nycbagaddict, did you use the whole tube and insert it up there? Or just use as a topical lube?
  9. Can you buy preseed at local stores such as CVS, RiteAid or its online only?
  10. Pre-seed did not work at all for us. My best advice is to get a good acupunturist, even if you don't go through IVF.