Your Belen Echandia Collection -- Who are you and what do you have?

  1. Hello Ladies! Do YOU own some Belen Echandia? Tell us about yourself, how you found out about BE, and what bags you have.
    I'll start. I have a white Clutch Me, a Chocolate Stroke Me, and a Black Crash Love Me. I found out about BE from tpf. :flowers:
  2. I've got a turquoise Hold Me, a white (really offwhite) Take Me Anywhere, an Olive Stroke Me (medium size) and a Black crash Charm Me.

    I'm not sure how I found BE. I think I was just surfing the net and came across Jackie, fell in love and there was no turning back.

    I'm looking to add to my collection and will be getting more soon. I love the exclusivity of BE.
  3. Just a dark grey Love Me, but I see a Black Crash something in my future very soon...

    I found out about BE here (of course!) but I also had found some information on the net about handmade bags...I was very attracted the styling and quality of materials, but honestly, it was Jackie's customer service that really sold me - she was fantastic to work with and has a great sense of what her customers want!
  4. I love Belen handbags, and of course, Jackie. She is an awesome lady who truly cares about her customers. The quality of the handbags is fabulous and I highly recommend that those of you that haven't come over to the Belen bags-do so! I have the Take Me Anywhere in petrol, and the Stroke Me, in wine. Both gorgeous, and absolutely always get me comments when I'm wearing them! I would love to have another in the near future-but am on a temporary hold with the spending for now. But, for those of you that don't have one-jump in-the bags are awesome! :angel:
  5. I just got a black matte Love Me and I love it!:yes: I learned about the bags from this forum, of course! Now I want a clutch me, and something in the crash leather, but I think I am going to have to wait for the sale!
  6. The chocolate TMA was the start of my addiction. I know also have the petrol Indulge Me and Love Me in Pewter Crash. I rarely look at any other bag anymore...I know I've found my bag of choice. I found the name completely by accident doing some sort of goodle search that landed my in the purse blog...and it was the tan indulge me that I saw first. I flipped a quick email and due to Jackie's attitude from moment one on, I became a fan!

    bag 1.jpg bag.jpg IMG_Pewter_bag.jpg
  7. SHC, I think I have you to thank the most, since your initial pics modeling the TMA really sold me on the quality of the bag :p! I thought, "A 'brown' bag never looked so, so good!"
  8. I have a cream with snake Carry Me With Style (that design has been discontinued, at least on the BE website) and I just got a black matte Love Me. I always get comments on the CMWS and expect to get them on the Love Me, though I haven't worn it yet! The quality and designs are wonderful ... and, as everyone says, Jackie is great. I heard about BE from my friend and bag diva SHC!
  9. I have a wine Stroke Me and a petrol Love Me on the way. I had returned the Love Me but regretted it and bought it back (I hope the ladies at Muse Ten don't think I'm crazy). I learned about BE on tPF.

    SHC - Great pics. of your gorgeous collection! I've loved the petrol color ever since I first saw it and now I'm noticing what how gorgeous that brown is. How do the Love Me and the Take Me Anywhere compare in weight?

  10. I just have a Love Me in black rash and a Angel Pusre in purple but I'm sure this won't be my last B.E.
  11. Ooo I'm glad..

  12. I would say the TMA is heavier. I think because of the wa I carry the Love Me, it seems lighter to me. It fits so well over the shoulder and then into your body....can't wait to see your pictures then!
  13. I have four, 3 older models and an Indulge Me. I think I found the bags on the web, but I'm not sure whether it was the BE site or a reseller. My favorite is probably the red Take Me Away, but they're all great.
    betakemeawayredImg_0752.jpg Charmme_picture322.jpg Indulgeme_Img_0712.jpg Takemeawaygreen_00341.jpg
  14. Where are these bags sold? In any retail stores? Thanks!
  15. Hovercraftier - I am *loving* your red Take Me Away. Questions - Is it big enough to pack a few days' worth of clothes? But still small enough to fit in the overhead bin of a plane? And how heavy would you say it is? Thanks!