Your Bbags closest brush with Adventure

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  1. Ten minutes ago there I was ready to go off and buy a shirt for the DH's New Years Eve Jazz Gig, my old First on my shoulder..I glanced at the bird feeders as I passed and saw Dweeb (a Morning Dove I raised from a featherless 2-day old orphan this year) sitting munching grain..he called out ,"Dweeeb"..that's Dove-talk for "Hi Mom"..then a flash of motion out of the woods, and quicker than my eye could focus, a red-tailed hawk clutched at Dweeb..I yelled and threw my Bbag at him..hawk hit the window of our log-cabin and was unharmed..Dweeb (who is alas now a slightly less feathered Dweeb since the hawk grabbed a clawfull of his back plumage) took off to safety bag is damp, muddy, and my HERO!!:love: so it made me wonder, what adventures have your Bbags had?
  2. OMG! Haha that is the cutest story! My Bbag hasn't really had any "adventures," although my dog tried to chew on one of the tassels the other day, so now it's a bit spongy. I dove for my bag right away and had to save it from my hyperactive dog who loves shredding things to bits! Hope that counts! Haha!
  3. Reading this post I wondered "where do you live??!" :lol:
  4. Hello LivinLuxuriously..I love atop the highest Knob (hilltop) in Indiana in the far end of a 400 acres woods..the nearest neighbors are Fransiscan Friars and coyote, fox, raccoon, deer, including a second snowy white deeer,a wee buck..his mother was also a pure white deer..
    MEDICINE DEER 002.jpg
  5. hmm,

    my bbags have not experienced such excitement. the closest thing they have come to wildlife is my siamese. the one time I left a city with her tassels hanging off the couch, the kitty started batting his paws at them. i nearly had a heart attack, and likely so did poor kitty when he saw me charging straight at him to get the bag out of reach!

  6. My bbags closest brush with adventure was with a Kitty as well!! I just gotten my black day when I went with my Mom to check on a kitten that she was feeding for friends while they were out of town. I had set my bag on their kitchen table and at one point heard my mom say "Oh, she really loves the tassels on your bag!!" Cut to me like this :nuts:, running to the kitten who was up on the table with my bag!!
  7. OMG what a story quilter!! Thanks for sharing! Can't say I have any stories to share. But that pic of the white deer is amazing! I wish I could've seen that irl. Wow! How cool to live in such a secluded, beautiful setting.
  8. AwWw..Quilter & bBag saves the day!!! This may sound like a dumb question... I'd love to see what "Dweeb" looks like.. :yes:
  9. Love the story quilter!!! I've rescued many birds myself and would have done exactly the same thing!!!

    I haven't had any adventures because I literally keep my bag closed in my closet when not in use....2 cats and 3 parrots I don't want to take any chances!!!!
  10. What a great story! I think you win on most adventurous bbag story! My bags live boring city lives and just have to watch out for clumsy waitresses hitting my bag or almost spilling water.
    And that white deer photo... simply amazing.
  11. What a fantastic story! The white deer in the photo looks so perfect, like marble. Hawks are so much fun to watch, but they can be nasty buggers. I'm glad your Bbag was there to save Dweeb! That's totally the best story I've ever read on TPF. :tup:

    My Bbags don't have many adventures, living in the city, but one time early last year I left one of the back windows down in my car and sometime over the night a little brown bat with a broken wing got in. He was lying on the back seat when I got into the car in the morning. I love bats - I worked with them at the Woodland Park Zoo for three years for my volunteer hours - so this little guy picked the right car to land in. I drove him to the zoo and put a piece of cloth over the back of my Grenat City and slid him onto it so I could carry him in to the bat-keeper. Picture me holding my city out horizontally with a little bat on it - the Grenat Bat-Stretcher. ;) Fortunately they were able to keep him stable until his wing healed and he got re-released right around Greenlake! I hope he's still alive and well.

    That's really the only good deed my Bbag has ever done, other than holding my boyfriend's crap. :lol:
  12. Up early and working in the Studio, took a break and saw your post Cheshire Cat made me cheer out loud, that bat was SO wise..animals have such good instincts..amazing, a Grenat bat..when I first read it I thought of another Thread..wouldn't "Grenat Bat" be a GREAT Bbag color for that thread 'name a new Balenciaga color'? :yes:.. Bethany, youngest daughter told me that her worst memory ever is of having to feed Dweeb for 4 days when I left to deliver daughter Meadow's baby..Dweeb was an awful chore..he was still featherless..he ate messily and often ..she is a PICU nurse and should be used to that, right?..
  13. i :heart: your stories, quilter and Chesire Cat! :yahoo:let's see if the NY will bring some new adventures for our bbags! *oops* :upsidedown:
  14. Wonderful stories Quilter and Chesire, I am a big animal lover and love rescues! Thank you so much!

    My Bbags have not had any adventures like that, alas, they are bags that live in the city! They did have my pet skunk walk over them the other day when I was taking new collection pics, she was "hmm, are these food containers??" She loves food : )

    I wish you well,

  15. Oh, Bridget, you should post pics of the skunk!! How adorable!! I have heard that they can be very loving and affectionate pets once their stinker(???) is removed!! I would love to see pics of him or her!!