Your Barking Dog - Inside Or Outside?

  1. Hi everyone. I have a funny question. I have two dogs...Tess is 2.5 years old, Charlie is 8 months. He's actually bigger than she is - a real coward, IMO, but both dogs are very very sweet and friendly.
    Anyway, in all the time that we've had them, Tess has never once barked at someone when she was in the house. If she sees a coyote on the hill, she'll bark at it...but if she hears someone outside, etc., never does she bark. The only time she barks is if she hears someone when SHE'S outside. Like she protects the outside of the house perimeter...
    Charlie on the other hand, barks his wonderful big bark and boof and growl if he hears the slightest little thing outside. He'll bark when he's inside or outside. It's not a scrappy bark - he'll only do it if he feels that someone is in danger.....Doesn't matter what time of day or what it is. He's our watchdog - he's amazing...Tess, on the other hand, when they're both inside, just sits there like a lump, probably figuring that he's taking care of business...
    Do any of you have dogs that seem to have a preference in where they bark?
    Tess never got into protecting the inside - only the outside...Charlie on the other hand protects in and out....
  2. My crazy dog Ripley barks at ANYTHING ANYWHERE...LOL...He drives me NUTS!
    My other dog..also a SHIBA INU...doesnt EVER bark.Never understood it!LOL!
  3. I have two dogs - my girl, Hannah, does the spontaneous LOUD bark - just one time, like she's yelling HEY!. It scares the crap out of me sometimes. :wtf:

    My other dog, the boy, he is 1/2 chow and he does the staring, chuffing thing when he feels like something is going on or someone is in danger. He only barks when he's actually confronted by something or someone. Otherwise, it's just a lot of chuffing and snorting. Dogs are funny creatures.... gotta love 'em!
  4. Sounds like your dogs have worked out a pretty sophisticated security system. I think they are both aware that they have a post to protect.
  5. my doxie seldom barks. He only barks when there are other dogs confronting him or there are kids running around (he hates kids). He never bark at home.
  6. You have a great alarm system! They seem like wonderful pets!:yes:
  7. My doxies bark at everything and everyone, except family -- and even them if they are in the pool making noise.
  8. let's see...I think all of my dogs bark if some one comes to the door... Skinny barks alot if she's out people, at birds, the sound of kids playing...Goose barks incessantly if she's left in a room alone, Tank barks at anything at anytime inside or outside...sometimes I think he barks at the wind!....99 doesnt bark hardly ever, and I think Benny only barks if Skinny barks!!
  9. Two dogs are barkzillas.. any noise they are out the doggie door.. two are quiet.. one has a raspy bark and the other is new so just getting used to things. One barkzilla (or Barkzillo en espanol) doesn't live with me full time... yet.
  10. That's so funny! Our family dog does that too, and it really does scare the crap out of you, doesn't it? I swear our dog does it sometimes just to get a reaction out of us :p
  11. My Chi mainly barks outside when he sees another dog or when kids are teasing him. People are scared when he barks at them but I'm not sure why....he's only 6 Sometimes he also barks at me when I ignore him which is very cute!
  12. It is funny - she does it and then when I look at her sometimes I can swear she's giggling about it. :roflmfao:
  13. My dog barks, barks, barks... inside or out. Family or friends. He barks at the TV. He barks at birds on the feeders outside.

    He barks like he hasn't seen us in 15 years -- and all we did was go to the mailbox to get the mail which took maybe 90 seconds... sigh... good thing we love him so much!
  14. My doxie barks quite a bit, especially at strangers and strange dogs anywhere in the vicinity of my house, including walking across the street. But, I have managed to train him to only bark OUTSIDE so now he runs out his dog door to yell at whatever. Barking annoys me, particularly when inside.
  15. My Basset would only bark when I sat down to eat and he hadn't been fed. He wouldn't stop until I filled his plate!