Your Balenciagas...

Hmmm...I have a few...


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Holy Cow, SoCal, what a collection of the same bag. Are they all the same size? I like the blue and is ink like violet dark blue, like dark blue ink (silly question I know, a little tipsy)? Which one do you like best?
Thank you pursegalsf, Becca, KK, Buttery. The city is my favorite b-bag style (as you can see :shame: ).
The black was my "first", so it is a bit special. :love: I used the bordeaux and rouge this fall. (I actually returned the chocolate after the photo as I was using the bordeaux with browns.)

I have only used the caramel once, but I am looking forward to using it more this spring/summer. I like warm, rich colors year round. :biggrin:

Let's see, I am using the ink the most right now. It is my newest bag. My enjoyment of it suprised me a bit as I tend to stay away from navy and did not own any blue-toned bags until I started to participate in these blog conversations... I am really liking this one...

I have not used the cornflower blue yet, but her time is coming!

And the olive twiggy, I returned this just wasn't quite right for me but I thought I would share the photo to indicate another spring color here...

Finally, the black day/hobo. I use this one for travel.

So final tally of current b-bag collection is 6 city bags (black, rouge, bordeaux, caramel, ink, and cornflower) and the day/hobo.

On my "consideration" list...the summer camel and reddish/orange... A few of the fall colors appeal to me as well... :biggrin:
Where did you get your bbags? I'm going to SoCal this Friday and the only boutique that carries them is at Amaree's on Newport Beach. They are getting a shipment of Balenciagas on Monday (at least 50) and they will call me as soon as they get it. So excited!!!
Omgggggg SoCal!!! I almost fall off my chair after seeing your B-bag collection!! That is a HUGE collection (next to CeeJay's). I'm still drooling right now...

How do you like the rouge city? I want to get the rouge but I'm afraid in the city size it'll look too flashy, so I'm contemplating on getting it in first or box but then I also like the rouge city look on Sienna Miller. What do you think? You think it's too bold? I tend to think darker colors look better in the city size.
Loooove your collection SoCal! I think I need to get back on the "City" bandwagon. I sold my one and only chocolate city last month. Here's my collection, in particular, the lilac for this season.


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