Your Balenciaga Matchy-Matchy Items!!

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  1. Post pics of your matchy-matchy items .. either balenciaga+balenciaga or balenciaga+other designers!!!

    I'll start!!

    rouge vif + pomme!!

  2. I love this!

    I was going to do this with fruit (LOL!!!)

    Seriously, since it's sooo hard to get an idea of the true to life colors of these bags in pics, I was going to shoot them with stuff that we all know as a reference point:

    ie - Rouge VIF and a Fire Extinguisher (NWPurselover gave me this idea!!)
    - Rouille and a persimmon
    - Grenat and a pomegrante

    I'll see what I can do here!!
  3. I'm going to have to experiment with all my goodies. I LOVE your pics!
  4. I overdosed myself seriously on LV and don't know if I will ever carry them again, but that pomme is so cute!! I have a vif too. I bet your pomme looks great w/ all your bags!
  5. Great idea his angel :nuts: - I adore your matchy-matchy RED's .... just GORGEOUS :drool::tup:! Thank you for sharing!

    Here are my Balenciaga-bags with matchy-matchy coin purses:
    '05 bubblegum-pink, apple-green and turquoise


    '04 eggplant

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  6. :drool::drool::drool: gorgeous
  7. firstclass wow that is soooooo cute!!!
    hey you can totally be matchy matchy with fruit or anything else!!! lets see how much balenciaga gets inspired by nature :biggrin::biggrin:
  8. Love the way you matched Bal and non-Bal items so beautifully, His Angel!:yes:
    Firstclass, may I just say: Your collection is TDF!:love: Everytime I see it I fall more and more in love!:heart: Your Eggplant Coin Purse must have been so lonely until a few days ago!!;) Congrats again my super classy friend!:tender:
  9. FIRST!!! I have died and gone to 05 HEAVEN!!! And the Eggplant... I might pass out. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    His angel, your bags and pics are amazing too!!!!

    More pics, people!
  10. Ink Planet & Ink Work
    Rouge VIF Mini Coin Purse & Rouge VIF Day

    Attached Files:

  11. Ohhh thank you so much for the nice compliments ...

    his angel, 'J' bijou, Glimmer and my dear friend Marie :love:

    you're so sweet :tender:!!

    Fantastic pics his angel :nuts:! Thank you for sharing :flowers:
  12. Thanks hisangel, this is a great thread and your pictures are amazing!!!
  13. His angel, your pics are fabulous!! you could use them as desktop wallpaper!
  14. i totally agree...the red pic is just amazing:tup:
  15. love your pomme:heart: cles and wallet.

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