Your Bal bags and other designer bag color choices?

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  1. I am wondering if you girls/guys buy other designer bags in the same colors you buy your Bbags in? Do you choose different color leathers in other designer bags or is it just Balenciaga? For example, if you buy a Bal marigold color would you buy the similar color in a MJ bag? Or do you buy only Bbags in a bright color and other designer bags you buy neutral color?
  2. Well, zac, I tried doing that. When I was in the market for a Sandstone something, I was also looking at the LV Damier Azur Speedy 30 because to my eyes they both had that oatmeal-y shade going on, and I was really deadset on getting neutrals. My DA Speedy 30 has since gone to a new mommy, but here's a pic of my two gals when they were both in my home --

  3. Hey Z, good question... Bbags have the best color selections, nothing else compares. I know Chloe Paddys comes in different colors as well but I never really got into them.
  4. ^^^I know~ that's what I'm asking too~ does Bal have the best colors out of them all? Chloe does have pretty colors but not as nearly as much as Bal. I think MJ has tons beautiful colors too!!! But the bags are so heavy for me that I just can't buy them.
  5. That's such a cool picture!!!
  6. I have a gray mini Anna Corinna City tote & then I have the two Balenciaga's.

    I would def. get a gray Bbag if I didn't already have the gray city tote [but I'm not willing to sell the city tote to do so, I love it]... so no, I try to get different colors so that I have something to match everything outfit.
  7. My pre balenciaga color choices were pretty much ho- hum. Mostly black, brown,white and beige. When I started buying bbags, I started with a black, brown and white too. Lately, I started appreciating the other wonderful bbag colors. Now I have a red, a blueberry and cobalt.
  8. For me, yes .. I love red.
    LOL I post this picture so often :heart::heart::heart:

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  9. Hmmm, well I had a craving for anything in Eggplant so bought myself an LV stanton in purple! Which did satisfy my craving least until the VIOLET comes out:heart:
  10. anufangava, LOL, I started with basics too. One must have the staples like Black and White ;)

    Z, as much as I :heart: Bbags, I still :heart: Gucci. From Gucci, I get my brown and nutral fix and Bbags for all other colors :yes:
  11. I know~ I am dying for the violet to come out too!!!:yahoo:
  12. I get my basic black and brown bags from other designers - styles I like but that don't come in many colors - and I get B-bags in the more fun colors.
  13. i have quite a few bags in red, in different brands... a rouge vif courier, a ysl in a red that seems like a cross between rouge vif and true red, and a MJ in a dark red.

    the thing that i love about bbags is that the colours are so multi-dimensional, like jewels! they look different on sunny days, cloudy days, indoors, etc. it seems that other brands are more likely to put out colours that just look FLAT.
  14. mm... it all really depends on the colour for me.. while I LOVE tons of Bal colours - I have only bought dark or brights. I have avoided light and pale ones because I'm too worried about fading and it getting dirty easily. So saying that - my pink fix is non-Bal. My red fix is also non-Bal but that's for reasons of wanting my bag collection to be a bit more varied. Like evilarchitect - I love the Bals where the colour is intense and complex. There are variants of colour depending on the lighting and that to me. makes Balenciaga very interesting!
  15. Ooh great thread! I am going through this problem right now! I will be getting my cornflower soon, but I am also supposed to be getting a saleya azur PM (LV) as in the speedy above. I think that there is no point in having two bags which are blue, so im thinking that i wont get the azur now. I will prob get a different LV bag!
    Now, as much as I love caramel in BBag, i would not get a brown Bal because of my LVs! So yeh I suppose I share the different colours between my 2 obsessions!