"Your bag wont close! Is it fake?"

  1. My friend owns about 3 or 4 FAKE coach bags. All of them are styles that have never been created by coach too...lol! Anyways...we were getting lunch and while she was paying for her food she told my other friend to close her bag for her. My other friend was trying to close it but the zipper wouldn't budge. Then she goes "OMG! It wont close! Is it fake?" I tried so hard not to laugh. My friend who owns the purse didnt say anything...she just took her bag and closed it her self.

    Anyways...that's why ya dont buy fakes! Fakes = BAD QUALITY.
  2. hahaha, that's a funny story. Fakes really are :yucky:
  3. Lol, that's funny.
  4. that perfectly shows what crap fake bags are
  5. i know i hate fakes i'm always like "wow i've never seen it in that style"