Your Bag Tally

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  1. When I dig up the courage, I'll tally my Chloe's up.:rolleyes:
  2. I dragged all of mine out today just to admire them... I haven't done a count in a while... I am up to 18 designer bags... ouch... 11 of these are chloes... I have one more chloe on it's way, and that will be it for a while - I'm hoping... I have a soft spot for each one of them, and can't see myself sacrificing any of them to fund another...
  3. My small bag collection

    06 Bleu Nuit Metallic Paddington
    06 Jeans Moyen Paddington
    05 Craie Loaf Paddington: Bought today, recieving next week :yahoo:

    Not bad to say i bought my first (the bleu nuit) mid December and its now mid April...

    I need to ban myself from this forum, you all make me want more!!!! :P
  4. ^Sounds great, oggers... we need family pics!
  5. I know!! I will take them when i get my new loaf next week sometime!!