Your Bag Tally

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  1. ^^
    no excuses chodessa! we want to see those pics! pretty please?
    hey sianii, can i lift my head up now? my neck kind of hurts...
    dragonette, which is your favorite coach bag?
    and last but not least shivadiva and jaime, great collections and what a cute cat shiva!
  2. Here is my list.....

    Or Silverado
    4 Paddys ( Noir, Blue Moyens, Or, Aubergine)
    12 Balenciaga Bags ( does not include Bal accessories...)
    2 Prada
    4 RM
    4 Kooba
    2 Botkier
    1 Michael Kors
    1 Coach

    .....and I still have a big wish-list !
  3. Bag tallies and wish lists are different processes... they can become connected at some points, like when you sell a bag to fund another, but they are generally independent.. the former reflect reality, the later show our dreams...
  4. Maria, that is so true, and beautifully written.
  5. Thanks... I am grateful to the PUrse Forum because i get the chance to perfect my English grammar on a daily basis...
  6. Jeez, you write better than me and English is my native language!:P
  7. You mean, American is your mother tongue...:graucho:

  8. puka
    , i have too many favourites... and one more favourite is on the way! :nuts:

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  9. my two little kisslock ones waiting for their third sister! :heart:

    and some of my pouch sets! :nuts:

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  10. ^^
    the kisslocks are really cute bags! i've told by my daughter that she likes the ladybug kisslock on your signature (she is into bugs now).
    love the coach bags! what's the name of the skyblue one with the horsebit? i really like that one!:heart:
  11. ^ that is the 2006 legacy satchel in pond! :biggrin: 2006 and 2007 was when coach had the best leather for their legacy line! unfortunately it all changed in 2008. :nogood:
  12. sigh. my ladybug bag... i have only come across one auction and the bidding reached 480 before i gave up the chase. :sad: for all you know, the other bidder's max bid might have been 600 or something crazy like that!

    waiting waiting waiting for the next one to appear...
  13. oh, you`re killing me......:roflmfao:
  14. Its early but I believe I counted (15 CHLOE):nuts: I feel better now lol...:roflmfao: You simply have to refuse to count the rest! honestly Im sure we could both fund new homes with the amount of bags we have!!!!
  15. :ty:puka - I wish this cat would be mine ir :biggrin: