Your Bag Tally

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  1. Haha Qwerty you are too cute at times, i want to pick you up and put you in my pocket! O.k that sounded a little weird...People name their cars (although i've always wondered a little at that too) so why not your bags?! :smile:

    That's right Puka, keep your head down!!
  2. Haha, aww, thanks :heart: As long as it's a pocket of one of your gorgeous bags!:P

    The only bag I haven't named is my Edith, as I think I'd never come up with a better name than that for her.
    And you know, I've even named our car too! What's worse is that it has a proper name - firstname, middle name and surname! :roflmfao: In my defence, my mum started it!:nuts:
  3. You girls are to funny.:lol:...I haven't named mine but i do talk to them :weird:lol!!! My car is named Jezebel:shame: My first cars name was White Trash freaking lemon car lol
  4. ^ LOL you girls are too funny! :roflmfao:

    ok back to the bag tally, i just counted my bags for the coach subforum, so i will paste the figures here:


    2 bags


    9 bags
    20 pouches
    29 wristlets (approx)
    22 mini skinnies (approx)
    30 charms (approx)
    7 wallets
    4 ponytail scarves
    4 coin purses
    2 pairs of sunnies
    1 pair of sandals
  5. That's a whooole lotta Coach Dragonette! :smile:
  6. ^ yup! :blush:

    thankfully in the bag tally thread in coach, i'm not the one with the highest figures! :nuts:
  7. DRR which is your favourite bag? I love the older Chloe styles you have in you collection. The new bags just do not even turn my head.
  8. I have:

    5 Chloes
    3 LVs
    1 Dior
    2 Balenciaga
    1 Miu Miu

    I had a Mulberry as well but sold it. Im pretty happy with where my collection is at right now, theres more than I need but theres none I dont want so I have decided to keep them all and there will be more to come but not for a while!
  9. I'm scared to list...

    3 Paddys
    2 Chain Bettys
    2 Bettys
    2 Silverado Hobos
    1 Silverado
    1 Heloise
    4 assorted Bays
    4 LV's
    3 Guccis
    1 Fendi Spy
    5 Fendis
    1 Prada
    2 Koobas
    11 Hayden Harnetts
    1 Botkier

    Now I'm scared to total that up... *GULP*
  10. thats a lot of bags, were do you keep them all!
  11. Chodessa, I hate to say this... but a Gaucho is missing in your list. This style would look just perfect on you. It is one of my fav styles at the moment. Go get one!

  12. Chloé:
    Edith whiskey
    Paraty old pink *
    Heloise Hobo pinkberry
    Louis Vuitton:
    Pochette mono *
    Baggy pm blue denim
    Watercolour 35 white *
    Graffiti Speedy 30 pink *
    Tessuto Hobo black
    Tessuto Messenger black
    Cervo Lux black
    Small Gaucho olive
    City 05 caramel

    12 ... :faint:but I only use *4
  13. What a collection :faint::shocked:... and what a closet to keep them :faint:;)...
  14. wow chodessa! that is a lot of bags. do you have a family pic of all your bag? what a sight that would be! :faint: :shocked::nuts:
  15. Thanks gals..
    I forgot that I also have a Foley & Corinna..and my fave one and only CHANEL!!...LOL..
    Maria.. I LOVE THE GAUCHO!! I've wanted one for so long, but somehow DH NEVER GOT ONE FOR ME... LOL....
    I am blessed to have a closet that stores them all, not necessarily neatly, but they are all piled.
    rx7girliegirl.. I attempted to showcase my bags in the showcase thread.. but it is so outdated by now.. I really need to start all over.. I can't imagine doing a family photo, it would be too much work putting them back!!