Your Bag Tally

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  1. OMG I forgot my ADORED :tender: Muscade Zippy then 1 extra reg lock & key and 1 bling lock and key. Then 4 on the way not including ordered bags or other brands...GEEES Im BAD:devil: I need to BANNNNN BADDDD:whistle:
  2. I agree... i would have kept a few of my bags if i hadnt needed the funds... but it also helps keep the numbers within reasonable numbers (obviously not in gaga's case:P)
  3. can i get a prize for the smallest collection?:graucho:
    05 tan paddy
    (?) brun paddy
    06 truffle day
    09 charbon make up clutch
    jean gaucho
    anya hindmarch:
    i'm not a plastic bag (this has been worn to almost,literally,pieces. i love it!)
    3 vintage evening bags: one with cream beads, one embroidered and one made of silver mesh.
  4. There's nothing like a small collection. As you may be well aware of now, all collections tend to expand and shrink to grow again... I bet you'll have doubled your collection in one year's time... Go back and check what we had one year ago! You'll be shocked! LOL
  5. :shame:I read that!!!:angel: Well you ladies are NO HELP let me tella! lol:roflmfao:
    I HAVE TO BAN!! Or sell! I hate both!!! Trust me I have guilt but AWESOME bags too!! lol :yahoo::ban:
  6. I think you appreciate what you have more with a small collection :yes:. I am really trying to "downsize" my collection SO I can appreciate the keepers.
    Chloe--2 (+1 clutch)
    Others (Bal,LV, Gucci,Burberry,Prada,RM,etc.)-- approximately 25-30 :shame:
  7. i am sure i'll get all the help i need here to expand my collection!:lol:
    we should print a t-shirt with what gaga said: "i have guilt but AWESOME bags too!":roflmfao::roflmfao: that made me laugh!
  8. I was admiring the 9 bags displayed on my bed and they made me feel giddy... the thought of some else seeing them as they laid naked in their sheer beauty made me shiver with fear... i'd be in trouble if anyone knew...
    Can you tell i have finished off an excelent bottle of semi-sweet Penedes Spanish white wine? (It wasnt full/new, just a left-over bottle from a to check if there are other opened bottles in the fridge... it is local holiday tomorrow... my toddler will be singing at the top of his voice at around 7.45 AM... what a nice lay-in!
  9. ^^
    not really as i am sure we all have experienced that feeling!:P
    love sweet wine...
  10. What feeling? You can tell i am tipsy... The feeling of someone else finding out or the fear of being early-woken up by a little devil singing at the top of his voice?
  11. love what gaga said: "i have guilt but AWESOME bags too!" i'd buy that T-shirt.
    my small collection:
    2 paddy clutches (mastic & Brun)
    2 regular paddies (noir & Met Bleu Nuit)
    1 hobo paddy (chocolate)
    1 large betty (chocolate)
    1 small chain betty (mocha)
    1 Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam (black)
    1 Gucci evening bag (white & brown)

    ummmm....thats not so small after all.......bad Ro, bad girl
  12. ^^
    both! but if i start giving names to my bags please stop me! that means i've gone waaay too far!:broom:

  13. Hey what's wrong with naming your bags?! :nuts: Haven't you seen the confessions thread? :roflmfao:

    Jaunie, Sashie, Choco, Clumsy and my other bags take offence to that statement! :roflmfao:
  14. ^^
    sorry (hangs head in shame)

  15. haha. :flowers:

    I forgive you! :P Clumsy might not though, she's a very stubborn little silverado! :roflmfao:

    See, that's the true mark of insanity - when you give your bags PERSONALITIES! :nuts: