Your Bag Tally

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  1. A collection i am happy with (for the moment:cutesy:)

    1 Chloe Python Silverado (Grenat)
    1 Chloe Silverado (Choco)
    1 Paddy (Rouge)
    1 Chloe Medium Quilted Bay (Canelle)
    1 Chloe Non-quilted Bay (Navy)
    1 Chloe Edith (Muscade)
    1 YSL Muse (Caramel,i think)
    1 YSL Hobo (Camel)
    1 BV Medium VENETA (Ebano)
    1 LV Musette Tango
    1 Botkier Roxy (Burgundy)

    Sold a Balenciaga Twiggy sometime back so i think i would love a BBag next...or a bordeaux patent heloise...or a Betty...or an ava....:nuts:
  2. Hm...well not too many.....yet....trying to catch up.

    3 Chloes (2 Large front pocket paddingtons-Mousse & Ecuriel & 1 Edith-Rouge)
    9 LVs (Manhattan GM, Viva Cite GM, Ellipse MM, Speedy 30, Luco, Musette Tango, Lockit Horizontal, Mono Noe GM, Epi Noe GM)
    1 Gucci (vintage Clutch)
    2 Fendi (devil & unsure of style name)
    1 Luella Bartley - Gisele

    16 in total - Also a few non-designer brand bags/clutches...
  3. Well, here we go....

    3 Chloe Paddingtons
    3 Prada medium sized nylon/leather (same style, diff colors)
    1 Prada all leather
    2 LV
    1 Chanel
    4 Mark Jacobs
    1 Dior (small initial D bag)
    1 Dolce & Gabanna satchel (positively gorgeous)
    3 Louellas
    5 Gucci Jackie O's
    1 Ferragamo
    1 Mulberry
    2 Fendi (vintage 1992ish)

    Look forward someday to:

    Balenciaga (yes, I am still thinking about it....)
  4. Reactivating for new Chloe addicts...
  5. ha ha - new ladies - feel free to list them all!!! Fortunately - I've only added 2 bags to my list since starting this thread (that's not so bad right?) :P
  6. Great idea :tup:

    Well, I don't feel too embarassed to list mine, I have a small collection. Although I have built the Chloe one up over just 3 months. :sweatdrop:

    20 no-name non-leather bags, like beach bags and roxy and billabong ones. Hey I'm Australian, you gotta love that surf culture!
    2 Guess bags (presents, can't part with, the rest I sold)
    3 Mimco bags (love the leather on these, but no-one has heard of them outside Australia :sad:)

    1 clutch
    1 castor mini :drool:
    3 medium paddingtons (mousse, chocco and JEANS MOYEN!!!! :yahoo:)
    On it's way to me: a Chloe Edith.

    And one BBag. Not a complete convert yet, still love my Chloes too. :yes:
  7. Oh the numerous Coach and MJ, most of which my daughter has! I have only 1 lonely Chloe paddy at the moment, but plan on another when I take my trip to NY!! I only joined here about a month ago, give me some time!!

  8. Haha, I think you will look back on this post in the future and remember the time when you only had one paddy. I'm confident you're going to return with armfuls when you get back from NY! Who can resist the Chloes?!
  9. :bump: :graucho:

  10. Oh what a thread to bump! Funny how my collection has changed!

    Now I have:
    2 bals
    2 Mimco bags

    1 paddy clutch
    1 paddy wallet
    2 paddies - regular and baby
    2 silverados
    1 Edith
    1 Quilted Bay

    Not bad, it could be worse :shame:
  11. Omg! This isn't makes me jealous and guilty all in one shot!!!:Push::sweatdrop:
    Okay im starting with sold so I can feel better darn it. Im also only listing chloes cause this would take a year! One of the reasons I haven't added my shoe collection is, there is just to much and it takes alot of time to catalog it all.
    large front pocket in black
    black on black paddy
    noir lave box
    rouge red paddy
    blanc zippy

    I still have
    1 large front pocket blanc 06
    1 med fornt pocket jade 06
    1 med front pocket in black 07
    reg tan paddy 05
    navy or midnight blue with silver paddy 07
    Large Chloe tote shopper taupe 06
    python silverado 05
    Elvire hobo blck pat 07
    new metallic light gold patch work tote 08
    Gris-vert Hobo messenger 06
    I know im missing some...:thinking:I'll be back i have to go check out the shelfs
  12. my how collections change i went a bit crazy after this point :roflmfao:
  13. I an now down to three chloes (choco baby paddy, choco medium betty, whiskey edith satchel), two bals (anthra and olive brown days), two RMs (charcoal patent and dark grey nikkis) and one Dior (teal gaucho), and a BE (pewter crash Hold Me) which makes NINE bags...
    I may downsize to EIGHT, but i bet i'll use the funds to increase the grand total to NINE again.

    Edit: forgot to add Edith long wallet and Belen Echandia Angel Purse Wristlet... but surely accesories DONT COUNT as bags!
  14. Haha, at one point i had 7 Paddingtons which is way too excessive! I've downsized now to 5 Chloes, 5 Bals with maybe a couple more to come soon! Plus a couple from other designers...I say i've downsized, the most i had at one time i think was 12 or 13, so that's not too much i've lost - but those Bals are that much more expensive i had to lose a few of my Chloes! :smile:
  15. Ladies, I think there is only a problem (for me :smile:...): We can not afford all the bags that we love and we sell in order to buy...we are a bit crazy women :roflmfao:! If I could, I would keep all of them :smile:...