Your Bag Tally

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  1. I was feeling horrible and guilty when I started to think about how many bags there are in my home. Then I read in topic and everyone owns more designer bags than me. I just have lots of leather bags from back when I had not noticed designer bags. Nothing wrong with them and I still like them but then I came across Chloe.
    I got 4 Chloe bags and then I have a Mulberry bag and a Burberry that I got on sale.
    I wont be counting the rest but maybe 10 or so. I wont count because I am planning to buy a new Chloe for my birthday which is very soon and I can not be developing guilt about bags so I dont buy the new bag:lol:
  2. :s Just realised I also own a Luella Bartley bag and that counts as a designer bag and a Vivienne Westwood bag. Seriously it is weird when one gets like me so if it is cheaper than Chloe prices then I dont really think much of it when shopping:upsidedown:
    This doesnt actually happen with bags since I plan my bag purchases but it happens with shoes. If I go into a store here and see some nice leather shoes which is not from any famous designer then I can very well think "well at these prices one can get more than one pair of shoes". That does not mean it is cheap prices either but just that it is cheap comparing to when I have gotten Chloe shoes.
  3. Seeing as that I am only a nanny/pre-school teacher I am VERY happy with my collection so here goes.....

    1 Chloe Whiskey Paddy
    1 Chloe Black Edith Bowler
    1 Chloe Black Edith Mess. Bag
    1 MBMJ Denim Tote
    1 MBMJ Miss Marc Miss Katie Tote Bag
    1 MBMJ Miss Marc Miss Katie Zipper Pouch
    1 MBMJ Saddle Hillier Hobo
    1 Botiker Cream Bianca
    1 Le Sportsac Assume Vivid Astro Focus mess bag
    1 Whiskey Coach Pouch bag (I think thats what it is called)
    1 Coach Soho Tweed (it is black and white tweed, python handle, and outer edge lined in mink)
    1 Balenciaga Grey s/s 06 (On its way soon!!!!)

    I feel like I am leaveing something out, but I think that is it. My favorite will always be Chloe though!!
  4. 3 chloe paddingtons (tan, craie, tobacco)
    2 chloe wallets (edith and buckle)
    1 chloe s silverado (black)
    1 chloe baby silverado
    1 mj trish
    4 balenciaga firsts.
    1 balenciaga shoulder
    1 balenciaga toilet

    hmm, think i definately need to cull my collection!:yes:
  5. Ok here goes ~ but I feel like I'm waaaaaaaay behind you ladies ;)

    07 ~ Chloe Vermillion Paddy
    07 ~ Chloe Vermillion Buckle Wallet
    07 ~ Chloe Vermillion Baby Paddy Key Chain

    07 ~ Chloe Blanc Paddy (On it's way)

    06 ~ Chloe Jeans Moyen Paddy

    05 ~ Chloe Tan / Whiskey Python Silverado

    Louis Vuitton ~ Monogram Palermo
    Louis Vuitton ~ Monogram Speedy 30

    Coach ~ Willis Bag - Black
    Coach ~ Hobo - Doe
    Coach ~ Hobo - Black
    2 Coach Wallets

    D&B ~ Brand New / Never Used in the going pile
    That's it....

    Kitty :flowers:
  6. My list is almost modest:rolleyes: looking at some of the other collections listed here, although I have sold off a handful of Mulberry bags , an MJ tote and even a beloved Chloe Bay recently. My collection is now dominated byChloes with a few other straggles goes..11 in total...

    1 Chloe Whiskey Edith Messenger
    1 Chloe Grenat Elvire Tote
    6 Chloe Quilted Medium Bays ( Noir,Steam,Pigalle,Moka,Argent,Jade Patent)
    1 MJ Turquoise/Orange Cube
    1 Mulberry Hibiscus Joni
    1 Lulu Guiness

    Still have a Heloise on my wishlist and thinking that one more Bay may have be sold off to replenish depleted funds :crybaby:
  7. I feel really good... here's my bag tally
    Chloe chocolate baby Paddington
    Chloe chocolate medium Betty
    Chloe whiskey Edith
    Chloe noir quilted Bay
    Chloe whiskey Edith wallet
    Fendi cognac Spy hobo
    LV denim clutch
    Loewe tan City

    (wont list some Lamarthes and other lesser leather bags)

    ... and i am trying to resize my collection to Chloes only...
  8. i'm way behind you all and my hus thinks i'm mad!!
    here goes:
    chloe edith satchel chocolat
    chloe bay chataigne
    sonia rikyel 07
    costume national 08 (bleu nuit)
    longchamp camel
    gerard darel 24h
    missoni clutch (given to me by my mama!)
    jerome dreyfuss satchel (jules)07

    as u can see, i'm not exclusive and i'm planning on getting an ada chloe/betty and a bbag(first or city...) before the end of the year..;).
  9. Oh dear, here goes, gulp:-

    Chloe Muscade Paddington
    Chloe Chocolate Baby Paddington
    Chloe Moka Quilted Bay

    4 LV (A damier speedy, a mono pouchette and two other I can't think of their names-how bad is that?)

    2 Mulberrys, an oak Roxanne and a Chocolate Rosemary (that I'm going to sell)

    I feel so bad.......
  10. I have 28 bags and about 20 no name brands*find them either cute or match outfits/shoes*

    Prada x 10
    Miu Miu x 2
    YSL x 1
    Chloe x 2
    Burberry x 2
    Vivienne Westwood x 3
    Anna Sui x 6
    Coach x 2

    Sold all my Gucci & LV years ago. Also gave few away to mom and niece, lol.
  11. 1 Chloe Bay
    1 MJ Front Pocket
    1 MJ wallet
    1 Prada
    1 Tod's

    Boy would I love to add a Bbag to the mix!
  12. OK here we go:
    1 black Mulberry bag, ella or elle or something, my first designer bag purchase
    1 oak Anthony Mulberry
    1 black "joni" Luella (which i adore)
    1 Chanel mini flap, black perforated lambs leather :love::love:
    1 metallic Chloe paddington clutch, so practical and gorgeous for evenings out.
    1 navy pre loved Marc Jacobs Anouk bag
    1 black embroidered satin Lulu Guinness clutch. present from DH.
    1 patent Chloe Elvire. A bargain and gorgeous :woohoo:

    I used to have another 2 Mulberry's gave one to my sister sold the other. so not too bad for me only 8. I think i have some catching up to do. And as you can see i'm not loyal to any one label. if i love it i will get it!! Have my eye on Fendi at the moment.

    Don't know if this counts but also
    1 black Longchamp Le Pliage bag. (think thats spelt right)
  13. I have down-sized my collection drastically :yes:
    I did have close to 50 high-end bags at one point :Push: But now have 13 and feel far better for it (but don't like the number 13 so better get one more eh?:graucho:): -

    Chloe Python Silverado in Choco
    Chloe Bay in Purple Patent
    Chloe Bay in Taupe Patent
    Chloe Anouska in Black
    Chanel Jumbo Flap in Black
    Chanel Reissue 226 in Metallic Black
    Chanel Reissue 226 in Dark Silver
    Chanel Ice Cube Flap
    Balenciaga Day in Mogano
    Balenciaga Day in Sahara
    Balenciaga Day in Petal Pink
    Balenciaga City in Black
    Balenciaga First in Truffle

    Need a Bottega and then I will be complete :nuts:
  14. ^ Giggle. Is a bag collection REALLY ever complete?
  15. Okay, here goes -- what's that old saying, "the first step to overcoming any addiction is admitting you have a problem..." I actually have another excuse to go shopping --I need to catch up with you ladies ;)

    2 - Chloe Classic Paddingtons (Chocolate & Taupe)
    1 - Chloe Heloise (Noir)
    1 - Chloe Edith (Whiskey)
    1 - Chloe Edith Hobo (Gold)
    1 - Chloe Quilted Bay (Ecru)
    1 - Chloe Paddington Wristlet (Gold)

    1 - Bal PT (Black)

    1 - MJ Blake (Black)
    1 - MJ MP (Black)
    1 - MJ Pushlock Wallet (Black)
    1 - MbMJ Pouchette

    1 - Be&D Deanna Hobo (Chocolate)

    1 - Tod's (unsure of style name)

    1 - Burberry (unsure of style name)

    And, about 20 lesser brands (Coach, Kate Spade, Big Buddha, Hobo Int'l, etc.) that are either for certain occasions or in the "Sell" pile...that's how I justify the Chloe Heloise in brown that I'm currently watching on eBay :nogood: